Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Good Morning and welcome to my little corner of the world.  The sun is shining and the sky is blue - the birds are singing and my cat is driving me crazy - in and then out and then in and then out again.   I do wish she could make her mind up.

This is one very contrary cat - who last week when the temperature was 42 (107.2) chose to sit on my knee - I kept telling her she should have been doing this during the winter months,  but she would not move.  I am not sure that she have ever forgiven me for the time I was in hospital and perhaps she feels abandoned.   Now when I want to take a photograph of her - she has disappeared.

Life is good for me - I had a peaceful rest - some broken sleep and some reading so that's not a bad way to spend a night.  Medication all taken and a whole day stretching in front of me with lots I could do and lots I probably will not do too.

I have learned so much over the last two years - learned not to stress and learned to just go with the flow - to do what I can and when I can.  I do things slowly and carefully and enjoy every moment of every day.

Each day is a challenge to me and I hope to be equal to the task.I am writing again and loving it and am also recording my journey of the last three years in a blog "A Liver for Linda"  - very early stages and it is important to me to be able to do this as I need to document it for my own sake and in the hope to encourage others who struggle with their journey.

This is the link to the blog 


Please visit and follow my journey - I will try to update it each day so that I have an accurate record.   Leave a message so I know you came by.  And yes Janis I really do like blogging.  

I have become a member of several on line groups relative to organ donation and transplantation, the waiting list and have realized that there is lots I can do to promote organ donation.

The week of February 20th is Organ Donation Awareness week in Australia.


I will be attending a Rose planting ceremony in Adelaide in the Donor Garden in Bonython Park.

Being a member of "Putting a Face on Organ Donation" on line means I hear news of transplant patients and I want to share news about a "friend" I mentioned earlier - Bert Johnston.

Bert received the call on Saturday and had his transplant and is out of intensive care and doing very well - lovely comment from his wife about his colour looking so much better even in the early stages.  Oh yes I remember the colour - very yellow - even the white of the eyes. 

So rejoice with me for Bert, Carmen and their family and let's hope and pray he continues to make good progress. Thank you on behalf of Bert for the prayers you offered.

It is not all good news for all patients - I received a message about a young lady in USA:

This is the message:

Makenzie Ray Diekhoff
I know not many of you know her, but shes a fighter till the end. Shes been in the hospital for months now, her lung function dropped from 60s to near nothing is just a short time. All antibiotics stopped working, completely. and her hospital refused to list her because they couldn't afford it upfront. I know we like to think that doesn't happen. But clearly, it does. and now. Shes going on hospice, all her organs are rapidly shutting down. her family said it will be early this week, if not today. THIS should NOT be happening. money should not be valued more than a young human life.

Please pray for Makenzie - this should not be happening - we need to value human life.  I am so blessed to live in Australia and to have received such wonderful wonderful medical treatment, surgery and follow up.

Our Western Australian friends are in trouble with their bush fires and now the list of homes burned is over 68 - please hold these people in heart and thought.

We have had flood, cyclone, more floods and fires - a very testing and trying time which will exhaust people and funds - let's hope that we can be the support that people need and help get them back on their feet as soon as possible.

So with a troubled heart, but also with a song in my heart for many things (kindness, generosity, newly transplanted Bert, care, love and affection) I shall close for today.

Take care of each other and stay strong - our world is troubled and my prayer is for peace and understanding.

Love and hugs,