Monday, February 7, 2011


Good Morning from Adelaide and a beautiful sunny day - we have not had rain in the city although parts of our State have received rain at the tail end of Cyclone Yasi.

I am well and working through the series of tests I have to have - two down and two to go - I can do no more until I hear from the Transplant Team with date and time for my E.C.G. 

It was a really nice feeling to learn that my liver function tests were good and the over all bloods were excellent.  Sure is a relief.

I took some time out yesterday and went to the movies with my friend Dianne - we both enjoyed the film we saw - and just the good company makes it special.

We saw "The King's Speech" and I am impressed - Colin Firth played the role of King brilliantly - such a class performance. He is nominated for an Oscar and I sincerely hope he wins it - very deserved.
Geoffrey Rush was excellent too in typical Rush fashion and style and Helena Bonham Carter played a rather overly sweet wife of the King.  Scenery and sets were wonderful and the music great too.  A movie and an ice cream - a very nice way to spend a few hours on a Sunday afternoon.

It is two years today since the Victorian Bush Fire disaster and we are to celebrate that day with bush fires in Perth and already 60 homes lost.  There have been some very difficult days for this Country and more to come as we struggle to restore and rebuild.

Narelle, Mary and Ilona are still in Sydney with Mary due to fly home to Murwillumbah on Wednesday and then the girls will slowly make their way home. Safe travelling ladies.

If you are at work - be calm and diligent and co-operative without putting your own needs at risk, to those on the roads - be safe.  To those whose children are back at school - enjoy the peace and calm and to those who have finished cooking their evening meal - enjoy some time with your family.

I am feeling less tired than at the start of the weekend so that means it was a good weekend - the weather will no doubt warm up but in the meantime I am enjoying the blessings of a cooler day.

I wish you blessings wherever you are and whatever you have to do.

Love and hugs,

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