Saturday, February 5, 2011


Wherever you are enduring the extremes of weather I hope you are safe and well.   Saturday morning for me and a cool and calm day here in Adelaide.
Heavy grey skies holding the promise of rain.

As the days go one and more places are reached, details of absolute devastation are coming through along with stories of personal heartache and loss.

Images on our television are so tragic and there is much to be done.  The Army is on the ground in many places and doing a wonderful job.

The end of this busy week has left me feeling very tired and worn out - lots of medical appointments, hot weather etc. leaves me tired at the end of the day (and sometimes at the beginning of the day).  Today is a rest day for me - some reading and maybe an afternoon siesta.

The results of my blood tests were excellent and the liver function is excellent too.   Bone density scan was fine - I just have to continue taking the calcium and my cholesterol is well under the recommended level, but they want it even lower so I will be starting on medication for that.  Ho Hum - what's another tablet?

I have started putting my writing on a blog called The Pages of Avalon (what else?) and will share pieces I have written over the years and new pieces - call by and visit when you can.

I have become quite addicted to blogging and it keeps me out of trouble and amused.

Take care wherever you are and it is the weekend (or almost for some of you) stay dry, stay warm/cool and most of all be safe.

Enjoy everything that this weekend brings your way.

Love and hugs,

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Anonymous said...

You certainly have become addicted to blogging! Remember to take time to continue your writing of those beautiful poems; I miss reading yours and Christina's. xxxJanis