Monday, February 14, 2011


Good Morning,

Welcome to Monday in my little corner of the world.  It is a glorious day again not too hot - just right.  (Now I sound like Goldilocks) 

A beautiful start to the day with a peach from the garden for breakfast and not a lovely coffee and some "blogging time".  How very much I enjoy sharing my life and my health journey with you.

Today is Valentines Day and I wish you love in whatever form it is - enjoy time with those you love and be sure they know that you love them.

My plans for today are for a quiet day - still picking up a bit from the infection and finding it takes a while to feel well again.  Added to that I had a troubled and broken sleep again last night, but did manage to get two more posts in my journey - "A Liver for Linda"  - it seems I write that better at night and maybe that's because it was nighttime when lots of it took place.

Sharing my journey is important to me - for me, for my family and friends and for others who are waiting for transplant to read and hopefully take encouragement from.

I am pleased that "The King's Speech" won 7 awards at the British Academy of Film and Television (BAFTA) and that Colin Firth won Best Actor and I have high hopes for the Academy Awards for him in two weeks time.   Good to have an Aussie in there too with Geoffrey Rush receiving Best Supporting Actor.
I do believe I have fallen in love with Colin Firth.

Going to do some crossword puzzles with Ray today and catch up on those we missed while he was away playing Farmer at Jamestown with Melinda, Damon and the children.

He really does enjoy getting up there and helping on the farm.

Here are a couple of photos of "Farmer Ray"

Clearing up and sweeping in the shearing shed after shearing.

Now cutting the grass around the farmhouse - he really does work hard and does it all with such energy.

Enjoy your day and be kind to each other.

Love and hugs,

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