Thursday, May 19, 2011


You Raise me Up by Josh Groban

Another cool day in the city of Adelaide - sunny and a forecast of 21 degrees - a nice day.

This morning I want to do something a little different in this blog - it is thankful Thursday and my heart is full to overflowing with the gratitude I have.

Today's post is about YOU, and all that you did to "Raise me Up" - kind words, telephone calls, beautiful cards in the mail, flowers and visits.

Cheerful words of encouragement and hope - I really could not begin to list or count those of you who deserve my gratitude.  The list would be long and include so many people from so many places, so many in differing professions, each of you different and special to me in your own way.

To those of you who placed my name on Prayer Lists all around the world and stormed Heaven's Gates on my behalf thank you just does not seem enough.

My family - well done you were great and I am proud of you all - you were my network and were equal to the task.

My on line friends - always a word of cheer and encouragement and guidance in many ways and I am glad, so very glad you are part of my life.  Your funny greetings and kind words and your shared worlds have kept me in touch with the real world, and go on doing so.

Thank you for everything you really do "raise me up"

Love and hugs and Thank you.

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Tiili said...

That is so lovely, so you and such an appropriate musical accompaniment.

Thank you for being in my world, it is much richer and far more rewarding with you in it.

To all those who have helped you on your way, I would like to say the ,seemingly inadequate, thank you to everyone of them. Each has helped a very special lady on her journey and for that I am eternally grateful