Wednesday, May 18, 2011


The Days of Wine and Roses - Andy Williams

Good Morning and welcome to my world - a cool one at the moment and I am waiting for the sun to shine, but I shan't be surprised if that doesn't happen with the amount of cloud cover we have.,

Wednesday - wonderful Wednesday and I have been thinking of the word "wonderful" which actually means "full of wonder" and it is the feeling I get when I look at my world and the things in it - they are "wonderful" because they are "full of wonder" and so am I - full of wonder at the things that have happened to me and still continue to do so.

Lots of nice and lots of good things have happened to me on Wednesdays:

Wednesday January 19th. 1944 - John was born

Wednesday 30th. November l966 - I became engaged

Wednesday 28th. March 1979 - my younger daughter was born

Wednesday 30th. December 2009 - I received my new liver and my second chance at life.
Is it any wonder I like Wednesdays?
So that's almost my whole life rolled up into one week - one life ~

From and including: Sunday, 7 September 1947
To, but not including : Wednesday, 18 May 2011

It is 23,264 days from the start date to the end date, but not including the end date

Or 63 years, 8 months, 11 days excluding the end date

Alternative time units
23,264 days can be converted to one of these units:
2,010,009,600 seconds
33,500,160 minutes
558,336 hours
3323 weeks (rounded down)
I like all the other days too -

 Sunday - I was born, 
Monday Rebecca was born, 
Tuesday - Ruby Tuesday 
Thursday - Thankful Thursday
Friday - End of week time
Saturday - I was married.

What have I done, what have I achieved in all this time that has been mine?
I can count lots of things that I have done and also recall opportunities I let slip, mistakes I made and so much else, but it is no good living with regrets - I am alive and well and doing the best I can.

I am now going off to do some tidying up and opening of windows to let the chilly wind blow through and freshen things up inside my home - I love it when the cool winds blow gently.

Enjoy Andy Williams singing "The Days of Wine and Roses"  and set out today making your own days of wine and roses - sunshine and laughter.

To those who are unwell - take special care and restore and refresh - get well soon, to those who are busy toiling at work - make the best of it and be cheerful. Parents with children - spend time with them and love them even though you are rushed off your feet with driving them, laundry, etc etc. To those whose days are now quieter than they were before - enjoy your golden days, find a smile and be happy.

Love and hugs to you all and thank you for visiting 'The Musings from My Heart"


Tiili said...

Wednesdays are definitely good to you, no wonder you love them over the others.

Have a lovely Wednesday with lots of music, roses and non alcoholic wine. Lynne xxxx

Diane said...

Thanks for a beautiful share Linda, thoroughly enjoyable as always..

Hugs Diane

Anonymous said...

I was also born on a Wednesday. Love Janis

Linda said...

Well there's another reason for liking Wednesdays for me.

Love and hugs,