Monday, May 23, 2011


Dinah Washington - With a Song in my Heart.

Good Morning and welcome to Monday - a beautiful morning in my little corner of the world. Our stormy weekend seems to have eased.  The wind has abated and although we are forecast for showers again today it is much calmer.   It is a beautiful morning  - a very watery sun is trying to peep through the pewter grey clouds.

I have walked through my garden and the earth is looking rich and brown and very damp - it smells lovely, there are raindrops on the leaves and all this gives me a song in my heart and a spring in my step.

I love music in all its forms from classic to country and I like singing and to sing (must be my Welsh heritage I think) and yesterday as the wind blew and the rain drops pelted my window I was aware of the music they were making.

There is music all around us from the tap tap tapping on a keyboard to the rippling laughter of children.  A full and swift river rushing to the sea makes it's own music, the breaking of waves on the shoreline makes music too.  The purring of a kitten, the slow and sweet breathing of someone in sleep, raindrops on my roof, The clackety clack of a train, church bells ringing and the sound of voices I love are all music to me.

Stop in your world and hear the music that surrounds you  - it is there in the little things like the rustle of the leaves on the trees you walk beneath, the crunch of your footsteps on a gravel pathway.  Be aware of all the beauty that surrounds you and stimulates all your senses.

I have woken this morning with a headache (storms do that to me) but that will pass and once more I shall take my medication and get on with my second chance at life.   Life is good - I woke in a warm and comfortable bed, my football team won, I listened to the music of my choice and I am 

Find the song in your heart, and sing it loud and strong and celebrate your life, your loves, and enjoy our beautiful world.  Whatever the season for you there is beauty and joy to be found and somewhere in your day you will hear Mother Nature making music and I hope you enjoy it.

It is with a song in my heart that I say thank you for visiting "The Musings from my Heart" and I send love and hugs to you.


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Tiili said...

Love and hugs right back at you.