Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Dolly Parton - Here You Come Again

My word Ruby Tuesday comes around quickly - Here you come again - and here I go.  Welcome to Tuesday in my little corner of the world - cold, but dry and sunny weather forecast for us on this the last day of Autumn and then we march into Winter here in Australia.

I am off to have my eyes checked this morning - something I do annually but particularly so since transplant. Hoping for good news and perhaps another lovely glasses frame.  My glasses have become so much a part of me that I don't feel "dressed" without them.

Please hold good thoughts and prayers for my friend Crosby as he is back in hospital for a little while and has to have huge adjustments made to his medication to counteract the rejection he is currently experiencing.  My love and prayers travel across the miles to him and his family as they travel this difficult path.  Crosby is a young man with a very firm and deep faith and a wonderful sense of humour and fun.
I hope this sustains him.

I shall keep you posted when I hear some news.    Please also remember Tater - his companion and adoring little mate who will be troubled to know that Crosby is in hospital.

This is Crosby's Mother and his little friend Tater.

Crosby's experience has been a little unnerving for me and made me aware of how narrow a line I walk daily and that it is very much "one day at a time" and all I ask is for the strength to be equal to the task, to spread joy and smiles as I go on my journey and for a faith to hold me fast.

Today is all we have - no promise of tomorrow,  so we need to seize the day and fill each hour with happiness, sunshine and laughter - to dance on the wind, skip among the stars and slide down moonbeams.

We need to be a little kinder and more caring of each other, to make each day count.  I try to honour my donor by making each and every moment count and I encourage you to find joy in the little things so that at the end of each day you can rest with a thankful heart.

As you go to bed at night - think over the day and find all the good and nice things to add up to a page of thankfulness and as you wake with a blank page waiting to be written on - take up your paints and paint a glorious picture on your page.

Thank you for visiting and reading "The Musings from My Heart" and for the prayers you offer for Crosby and his family.

Love and hugs from a very thoughtful heart this morning.


Barbara Brenchley said...

Hi Linda, I know you must be worrying about the thin line you walk, especially with the news of Crosby's health. I just wanted to say that your comments about living each day at a time encompass all of us - I could have a stroke today or a heart attack or have an accident on the road. I agree with you, we must all try to be a little kinder, a little more understanding, a little more tolerant. I shall take your words to heart about reviewing the day as I close my eyes for sleep. That is something I don't do at the moment unless something unpleasant has happened and I invariably "go over the scenario again". I usualy follow your musings although don't post a comment very often. I just wanted you to know that I am with you in spirit always, but especially at this unnerving time for you. love and hugs, Barbara

Linda said...

Thank you Barbara for being my reality check - for grounding me and making me see that life is much the same for everyone.

Thank you for your care and support.

Love and hugs,

Tiili said...

Officially "waking up to smell the coffee" and pausing to sniff the flowers.
If outside the other night I could have been what the lightning hit instead of the flag nearby. Today would be different indeed for others so I count my blessings.

Hugs for you and your health

Linda said...

I too am thankful that you were inside and it was only the flagpole that was hit.

We had storms some weeks ago and lost power and my security system was zapped - could have been so much worse. Job for the repair Technician and cause for thanks for me.

Enjoy the coffes and the flowers and every other little thing that comes your way.

Love and thanks,