Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Kenny Chesney and Dave Matthews - I'm Alive

Good Morning and welcome to sunshine and gentle winds in a cold city of Adelaide.
A sleepless night for me - but I can deal with that ~ I am alive and breathing in and out.

Today is 78 weeks since my transplant surgery which is in fact 18 months and it totally overwhelms me that my health is so much better.   I have a few battle scars ( a very big real scar) and some skin damage from the Stevens Johnson, but so many things are so much better for me.

The breathing is wonderful as it was a real problem - so many difficult days and weeks and my sincere thanks goes to those who stood with me, cared for me, changed my bed linen, shopped for me and with me.  Those who waited patiently while I needed to rest because I couldn't breath - you know who you are and my heart shall forever me thankful.
You drove me to many and varied appointments at all hours of the day and night, listened to my fears and frustration without a word of complaint.

I am blessed indeed to have such a good network of support and to those who belong to my broader network who prayerfully and carefully supported me (and still do) I offer my thanks.

Increasing the awareness of organ and tissue donation and transplant has become a passion for me and I try to speak to people about it wherever I am and the situation arises.

At the risk of repeating myself - please make your decision and be sure your family are aware of your wishes and get your name on the Donor Register.

The link to the song I'm Alive is at the top of this page - please listen and enjoy and know that has become my Anthem and theme song.

I shall forever be thankful to the compassionate team of Nurses who kept me going often during difficult days and the skills of those Doctors, Surgeons and Specialists who treated me with great dignity and the Transplant Team - a group of Angels.

I'm alive and well and glad you came by to read "The Musings of My Heart."

Love and hugs,

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