Thursday, June 23, 2011


I am very happy to report that B1 and B2 have been returned home and are safely back in the Foyer of ABC Broadcasting here in Adelaide.

Welcome home B1 and B2 you were missed.   Special thanks to ABC's SPENCE DENNY for his work in recovering them and for acting as Hostage Negotiator and for driving them safely home.

On their way home in the Big Red Car

Spence and the Bananas at the Police Station
This means that Jemima, Big Ted, Humpty and all the other Play School family can be released from protective custody and all is well - this news story went National and there is relief all over the country that they are safe and back home,

The Bananas are having their pyjamas laundered - they will feel so much better then.
A good result all round.

Love and hugs,

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