Friday, June 24, 2011


Sunshine on my Shoulder - John Denver

Good Morning and welcome to sunshine and blue skies in Adelaide today and it is not as cold as it has been.
I am glad the sun is shining today because today is the day that the Bishop family farewell their precious daughter and sister Lilah.

Lilah and her story have spread so much sunshine all around the world that is seems fitting that the sun should shine for her.   The generosity of this family in sharing Lilah's story has meant so much to so many people - children are hugged a little lighter, people are living in the moment and showing much more patience with their children and having happy family times.

Farewell Lilah Sophie - go in peace - your work is done - candles will be lit all around the world and pink balloons released - you will not be forgotten little one.

Beautiful Lilah and her Mum Andrea

This is my favourite photograph of Lilah and my heart goes out to Andrea and Nic - I can't begin to imagine the pain you are feeling.  Lilah's legacy lives on.

It has been a joy for me this morning to take a friend to hospital for tests - instead of being the patient I was the driver and it was a really nice feeling.  I am expecting a phone call to collect her sometime soon.

It is Friday again and hot on its heels will be the weekend and I wish you a pleasant time - a special time with your children - Live Life for Lilah.   Have a picnic, walk in the park or at the beach,  - all the things that Lilah never got to do - you have the chance with your children. My wish for you all - with or without children in your lives is that you be present to the moment.  Put the stress of work aside just for a little while and hear what people say by really listening.

I have done my shopping today so that will put me a little off key for Saturday when I normally do it, but I will find something special to do instead - I may visit a park or walk at the beach - largely depends on the weather.   Everyone will be hoping for a sunny, dry Saturday - especially those girls who have chosen tomorrow for their weddings.

I wish you sunshine and laughter and the love of friends and family, and thank you for visiting and reading
"the Musings from my Heart."

I shall light a candle for Lilah and let her little light shine.

Love and hugs,

Soweto Gospel Choir - Let My Little Light Shine

Shine on Lilah Sophie.


Terri said...

Love to Lilah's family. xoxo

Linda said...

Thank you Terri - they are very brave people and I hope that life settles down for them very soon.

Love and hugs,