Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Fleetwood Mac - Dreams (Thunder only happens when it's raining)

Welcome to a wet winter Wednesday - and we have had our share of rain and thunder and very strong winds.  I love the winter months when snuggling up in a warm bed is delightful, but the damage caused by strong winter winds and flooding rains is heartbreaking.  We have had lots of trees down and many houses have lost their roofs.  (not sure when the spelling of more than one roof became roofs because I was still under the impression it was rooves)   but Praise be no one has been hurt.   I acknowledge the work done by the Emergency Service who venture out of their own homes into the dark of night to help people who have received damage.

I have achieved another milestone in my life today - 77 weeks ago I was in surgery and receiving the gift of life - another family in the midst of the grief at losing a loved one stepped forward and I was the lucky recipient of a liver.   I am alive and well and I wake each morning with a thankful heart knowing how close I came to not being here at all.

I am an passionate campaigner for Organ Donation and for those new to reading "The Musings from My Heart" let me please encourage you to have the family discussion about Organ Donation and to sign up to the appropriate register where you live..
"Don't take your organs to Heaven - Heaven knows we need them here."

This is the link for Australia:

I was supported by an amazing team - medical, support staff, nursing staff, friends and family and I am here today because of the way I was carefully and prayerfully supported.

The wind seems to have died down and the sky is a little brighter but still cloudy from the volcanic ash from the eruption in Chile - so many thousands of miles it has traveled and it is on the second trip around.  Our airline system is in chaos and causing lots of difficulties.

I understand that parts of USA are having summer storms and lots of rain - same rain, same storms but ours is cold and yours is warm.

I hope that your Wednesday is wonderful and that you can find something to be thankful for - spend time with your children, splash in puddles, walk in the rain, stay cool, stay warm - LIVE LIFE.

Thank you for visiting and reading "The Musings from My Heart - a thankful heart this morning.

Love and hugs,

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