Tuesday, June 21, 2011


The Rainbow Connection - Kermit The Frog

Good Morning and welcome to my wintry world - a very stormy and rough night has given way to a much calmer morning and there was a rainbow in my sky this morning and it was very beautiful.  Got me thinking (dangerous I know) but I got to thinking about colours again and I am wearing red because it gives me a feeling of warmth.

I hope there is a rainbow in your sky and in your heart today - and that you are at peace with yourself.  Take some deep breaths and be present in the moment.

Really listen to what your children are saying - they will  be grown too quickly and it is important that you live life to the full each day.  Be a good listener to a friend who needs to talk - just by being there and hearing what they are saying brings comfort to them.

Lots going on in my circle of friends at the moment and unsettling times for some - house hunting within the price range, sorting out home issues, coping with broken bones and pulled muscles.  Caring for sick children, struggling to still maintain a work schedule and finding care for those sick ones while you work.  They are all issues that bring us down in spirit and of course there are those who grieve.  Grief takes as long as it takes - it has no schedule or routine and is different for everyone.  To some it is very fresh and others have had some time to realize that their loved one is gone, but the pain is no less significant.

On Friday of this week at midday little Lilah Bishop will be farewelled and all over the world people are lighting candles at that time and holding vigils for her.   Fly free little one - your work was done.  Your parents encouraged everyone to "live life for Lilah"  and to be present to each moment.

Light a Candle for Lilah and learn so much from her short life.

Life is filled with bitter/sweet moments and they can be very challenging to us and I wish you strength for your journey and friends to care for you.

I have sunshine coming in through my window and my world is much calmer and for that I am thankful. There was lots of rain and damaging winds.

I understand some parts of USA experienced rain too - a summer storm for them and I hope all is well with those who live there (Diane in Chicago told me about this) and it seems our weather patterns are a little off key these days.  Our Airport is closed due to volcanic cloud from the eruption in Chile.  Second time in a week - seems the cloud is on it's second spin around the world.  Chaos at Airports all over Australia and New Zealand.  How much we depend on flights and technology.

Bananas in Pyjamas - B1 and B2

These two life size characters were stolen over the weekend from our ABC Radio  Building - they usually reside in the Foyer and were abducted on Sunday morning and last seen being carried down a main road.
Nothing else was taken from the building - seems a little strange to me.  I hope they are soon returned to their home at the ABC.

This is the theme song of the Television Characters.

Wishing you a productive Tuesday with peace and calm for your companions, stay safe warm/cool and remember to be present to the moment.

Love and hugs and thanks for visiting.


Tiili said...

My world was full of fairy wrens bathing in the bird bath at the Habitat and then coming over to eat the crumbs from lunch. It is the little things that make me appreciate this world

Linda said...

Sounds absolutely delightful to be in the company of fairy wrens - try to take some pics for us if you can next time.
It sure is the little things that count and make life sweet.

Love and hugs,

Linda said...

this is the link: