Tuesday, July 19, 2011


And Australia and the rest of the world.

Willy Nelson - The City of New Orleans

Welcome to Tuesday and of course it is Ruby Tuesday and Good Morning wherever you are in the world when Morning comes for you.

It is much too early here to decide if it is grey and cloudy or if the sun is going to shine - I have a very early start as I am off to the Vampire clinic to have bloods taken preparatory to Clinic on Friday.

After a very early and rather sleepless night I shall leave home while it is still dark - I like to get in, get a good park and then out again quickly and then of to Lizzie's Cafe for the best cappuccino in town.  I love sitting and reading with my coffee after blood tests.

Then some shopping, check the mail at the Post Office and home again, home again Jiggety Jog.

I am really fortunate as I can have bloods taken at The Queen Elizabeth Hospital and results are emailed to Flinders which means only one long drive down there this week.  Visits to Clinic are rather more social things now that I am so much better in health.

I am due to go into hospital in late September to have the stent changed so I will know on Friday if I have to have another Clinic visit before the pre-admission appointment on 15th. September (ERCP scheduled for 22nd, September and I must remember to collect prescriptions for medication too.

There is so much to mention and I need to leave home very soon, so I may get back to your with another Ruby Tuesday blog when I come home again.

I wish you a wonderful Tuesday - remember it is Ruby Tuesday and let the warmth of the red ruby cheer you and brighten your day.

Be warm/cool, be safe and be loved.

Thank you for dropping by and reading the "the Musings from my Heart" and I hope there is sunshine in your heart and diamonds in your sky.

Love and hugs,


Tiili said...

I hope the Vampire was a nice one for you, looking forward to your post upon your return home.

Take care

Linda J. said...

Vampire was lovely - but I was a difficult victim and she had lots of trouble finding the vein and a whole waiting room full of upset people didn't make for a good start to anyone's day.

Never mind - I have waited at times when there were issues for other people. Part of the learning process of just having to wait.

I feel fine though - thank you.

Love and hugs