Monday, July 18, 2011


Rainy Days and Mondays - The Carpenters

Welcome to Monday and we have both a Rainy Day and Monday, but it isn't going to get me down.   I am warm and safe at home and the grey sky is like a blanket over me.

After a quiet weekend I have a quiet Monday, lots of writing to be done and some cooking, dishes, and the laundry can wait until tomorrow when hopefully the sun will shine.  

I am noticing the cold this winter more than usual and I think we are having an "old fashioned" winter - we used to have times like this, but during the years of drought our winters were quite mild.

Oh the bliss of Monday Morning and Raspberry Earl Grey tea - a different start to the day but a nice change from coffee.

My recipe folder is coming together quite nicely and I have disposed of lots of recipe books and now must convince myself not to buy any more.

This week sees the start of blood tests and Clinic visits again for me - but I can't complain it is seven weeks since I was on this treadmill.  I feel well and I hope the blood tests back up that - early start for me tomorrow to get bloods done and then Specialist and Clinic on Friday.  Not a big price to pay for feeling this well.

The word I chose for this year is 'ATTITUDE' and I have learned that my attitude to things can alter so much the way things go for me.  I try to be positive and encouraging to others, to cherish friendships and family, to see beauty around me in the little things.
I am ALIVE AND WELL and loving life.

My younger daughter cooked a spectacular dinner for a group of six on Saturday night and this group included her sister and partner - it is a nice feeling to know they enjoy each others company.  They enjoyed Greek Cuisine and apparently it was glorious. Well done Naomi - but that is her - whatever she puts her mind to she does well and she loves to cook. (She didn't get that from me.)

Life is good, peaceful and I do believe it has stopped raining for a while - I hope your world is peaceful and that you have a contented heart and I thank you for visiting and reading "The Musings From My Heart."

Take care and be safe, warm/cool and be happy.

Love and hugs,


Diane said...

I sure do hope I can leave a comment this time Linda!! nice Blog sounds like your excepting your winter, soon it will be over, and we will be going into ours.
Not looking forward to it.
Hugs Diane

Linda J. said...

Thank you for persevering and leaving a message for me. Winter is cold this year and spring will be lovely but I don't like the hot weather in summer.

Take care.

Love and hugs,