Sunday, July 17, 2011


Singing in the rain - Gene Kelly,

Welcome to Sunday and it is wet, wet, wet - such a different day from our glorious sunny Saturday.  It is different day but beautiful in its own way.

I am sitting with coffee in my new "Linda" mug with the heater on and all is well in my little corner of the world.

I have been cooking chocolate cup cakes this morning and the child in me couldn't resist licking the beaters (don't think I will ever grow up.)  Going to ice them with vanilla and put pink hearts on them.   Don't be alarmed the cooking phase won't last long!

The house is warm and smells of cooking and it is a comforting feeling to have the opportunity to do these things.  Cooking is not something I enjoy doing, but I love it when things are completed and spread before me.  I love recipes and collect them and am currently going through those I have collected from magazines and from friends.  I bought a new folder yesterday and will enjoy sorting and clipping and filing.

I am going through a time of sorting through books and am now up to the gardening and medical books and then - oh boy and will this be a big job, comes the task of sorting through my novels and biographical books.  I am being quite merciless in the things I am culling - have lots of magazines that are totally out of date and they are going, going gone.   It will be a big job but will be wonderful when it is finished.

 I need a whole shelf for my dictionaries and word books, cryptic crossword dictionaries and there are some that I have not used for a while - will have to correct that. 

I seem to need to do these things before I can get stuck into any craft projects and I have the pleasure of anticipating my course in a couple of weeks.  

I have been exchanging emails with a friend from long ago - how different our lives are now from the days when we spent time together.   It is all part of the pattern woven for our lives and acceptance of the changes brings a contentment.  I have had a difficult time and so too has this friend.

I thought the rain had eased but "the rain tumbles down in July" a lovely day to be inside and warm.

I have letters to write and so many other things I want to do but if they don't get done today they will get done another day.  I am thankful for every day and find joy in the little things.

I have connected on Facebook with some of the beautiful girls who were nurses when I was in hospital and cared for me so very well.   It is lovely to be in touch and hear what is happening in their lives.
They will always hold a special place in my heart and I am glad to have made this connection.

More cupcakes are ready to be taken out so I shall go and be a "Domestic Goddess" and get the next batch in.

My love and care to you all whatever your plans for today - if your washing has got wet in the rain - consider it a final rinse and I hope you can get it dry soon.   If you are cooking I hope you get pleasure from it and that those around you appreciate your efforts.

If you are out and about, on a day trip or traveling home - take care on the roads and enjoy coming home.  If the weather is kind and allows you time to picnic - enjoy. If you are playing in water (swimming or splashing in the rain) allow the water to bring you comfort in busy days.

Thank you for visiting and reading "The Musings from my Heart."

Love and hugs,


Tiili said...

The cupcakes sound lovely, Chocolate with pink hearts- perfect.
Licking the beaters - priceless
Catching up with friends - irreplaceable

Linda J. said...

It was a nice weekend Lynne thank you. Cooking, shopping and friends.

Love and hugs.,