Friday, July 29, 2011


Brooke Fraser - Something in the Water.

Good morning and welcome to Friday - and I think there must be something in the water - something has got me singing and bouncing around this morning.

It really is just another ordinary Friday and the sky is grey and we are forecast rain, but there is something keeping me bubbling along this morning - singing and probably driving the neighbours crazy.

I really do enjoy this song and this New Zealand girl is doing very well and I have introduced this to several people and most of them really like it too.

I have had a change this morning in that I have done my grocery shopping today instead of Saturday.  The reason is that tomorrow will be my jewellery class.   I am quite excited about it and have my lunch things ready to pack.  It will be a different day for me and I hope I have the stamina to keep up for the day.   I shall get off to bed early in readiness.   

News in this morning is that McKenzie has been for another procedure and they have placed two tiny cameras inside to try to work out what is happening.    Crosby is back in the news too because his bloods were not good this week.  Amber is back home and her two little boys are together again - such a lovely thing and cause for gratitude.

I have never met these families, and probably will not - but there is a love and affection brought about by the connection of the transplant experience and this brings about very great care and concern.

I am wondering what is on your agenda for your Friday and for your weekend.  Crossword puzzles and lunch with Ray for me - we are both trying to keep our minds sharp and alert and it is fun to share the knowledge - he knows lots that I don't and I know lots that he has never heard of.   Then a quiet afternoon and early night for me.

I had a phone call from Melbourne - Naomi and Alexis are safely in the Garden City and looking forward to a busy weekend of concerts and a visit to the Display of Tutankhamen. They are home on Sunday afternoon and then back to work and study.  Be great for them to dine out and paint Melbourne red for the weekend.  They have friends there and Alexis has relatives (her brother and others).

Quiz night on Saturday for other members of the family, but I will be home and warm.

Whatever your plans for the weekend are - I wish you good company, good food and safe travelling.  If you have been feeling a little under par take the weekend to rest up and restore and recover. For us in the Southern Hemisphere it is nice to snuggle up on a cold winter day and read and rest.   

If you are enjoying your summer - slash in pools, drink lots of water and remember your sun screen.

I noticed this morning that there is blossom on my Almond tree - a sure sign that spring is on the way ( a little early I suspect) but it will be beautiful to see and lovely to see the petals in a flurry around the garden.

Be warm, be safe and be loved.
Thanks for visiting the Musings from My Heart and I wish you a peaceful day/night.,

Love and hugs,

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