Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Peter Paul and Mary,  Blowing in the Wind.

This image is very much how things are in my City this morning - windy and cold and my choice of song for today was not difficult - it had to relate to wind and who better than Peter Paul and Mary to tell us that the answer is blowing in the wind.  We have patches of blue sky, white clouds and suddenly sharp and heavy downfalls of rain/hail.

This Blog has had a face lift - we both need one and much cheaper, easier and less painful for me to do it here and I guess it is only the first of many changes. It is rather like my life - something in constant change.  I am happy with the pink bows and until I tire of it that's what we have.

Winter is such a lovely time - I thrive on the cold and warmth that can be generated by comfort foods such as soups, a good book, a warm room/bed a ride in the car which gets warm from the sun.  

Other things warm me too - letters in the mail, a parcel too and phone calls and emails giving me good news.  My heart is warm although my feet are cold.  Narelle emailed me and put my mind at rest by telling me her Mum is now wearing an emergency alarm in case she has a fall again when she is on her own.  Mary's own decision without our nagging which is a nice feeling for  her -Narelle said (talking about her Mum) "It shows me she is still "in charge" of herself"

My Mailbox had lots of nice things this morning and it was a delight to come home, make coffee and read "real" letters sent by "snail mail" mostly from overseas.

If the answers are "Blowing in the Wind" - what are my questions ?
Oh there are many and lots to which there cannot be answers, but it stimulates my brain to pose the questions. In posing the questions I sometimes find the answers within myself.

Someone recently made a statement to me about did I ever ask why I had to walk the path I did and ask "Why Me?"  Honestly no,  I never asked "Why Me" - it seemed very logical to me "Why not me?" and that it was all part of a plan for my life.  During the worst times of my transition from illness, through transplant and to recovery,  I recall being thankful that it was me and not my daughters who were going through it all.

Don't be afraid to ask questions, and I hope for you there will be answers which bring peace of mind and contentment.

My sunny sky has turned grey/black and the rain is tumbling down - but I am warm and dry and thankful for all that I have.  I am doing what I like to do - writing, listening to music and have a lovely coffee.  All is well.
It is amazing how much joy can be found in the little things - look them out and find them and I wish you for a day filled with rainbows, ribbons, lollipops  and all happy things.

Please take care and come back soon and check The Musings from My Heart.  Your visits are important to me and I hope that my words touch your life and bring warmth to your heart and your day.

Love and hugs,

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