Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Celine Dion - Because 

Good Morning and welcome to Wednesday in my little corner of the world where it is wet and windy and winter reigns.   It is the type of weather for warm rooms, beds and comfort foods and nice to rug up and take a walk by the river which looks so cold and grey.  The trees are bare and just the odd leaf drifts down on a journey.

The rain is tumbling down as I write and my coffee is hot and sweet - how blessed I am.   Today it is 79 weeks since my transplant and all is well and it constantly amazes me that the quality of my life is so much better thanks to the generosity of a stranger.

Some of the lyrics from Celine Dion's song  are important to me:

"You were my strength when I was weak 
You were my voice when I couldn't speak 
You were my eyes when I couldn't see 
You saw the best there was in me 
Lifted me up when I couldn't reach 
You gave me faith coz you believed 
Em everything I am 
Because you loved me"

Thank you to those who stood beside me, cheered me on from the sidelines ~ for  whatever way you have supported me I am grateful. 
So many of you carefully and prayerfully supported me and were my strength, my voice, my eyes,  lifted me up and believed in me.

Because of so many things I am here today to enjoy this winter day and all the little things that go with it.

The things that happen to us in life can deepen family ties, friendships and bring to us new friends and for my family, my old friends and my new friends I am grateful for the joy you all bring to my life.

It is Wonderful Wednesday - another milestone on my journey and I am so very fortunate to be able to do so many things.   I have dinner cooking in the slow cooker, laundry done - all before breakfast and how different it is from the days when walking from the bedroom to make coffee took me a very long time to do and to recover from.

I hope that whatever is happening on your journey and wherever it is taking you  that you have the sort of back up team I had and still do have.  People to count on, depend on and to share the laughter and tears.

It was often the little things that seemed to mean the most - the friends who came into hospital and massaged my feet and hands, who came and trimmed my finger nails and made sure I had the perfume I love.  Those who did my laundry and brought it all back to me fresh and sweet.  Those who visited and watched me sleep and then just quietly left.   You were a wonderful team and my family - you were wonderful in your care of me and the way you supported and cared for each other.

Take your journey with faith and hope and I wish you a good result and the opportunity for you to say thank you to your team too.

We each have the opportunity to make a difficult journey a little easier with a smile and some kindness.  Make sure a kindness received is a kindness returned.

I wish you a day filled with sunshine, laughter, love and hope and progress on your journey.

Thanks for visiting "The Musings from my Heart" on this Wonderful Wednesday and I send love and hugs your way.

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Tiili said...

A very happy 79th to a very special lady