Thursday, July 7, 2011


Willie Nelson - You were always on My Mind.

It is afternoon here in Adelaide - cloudy and cold, but no rain at the moment.  Winter has us in her grip and the days are short and cold and the nights made for lovely warming meals and snuggling up in bed.

I have been listening to music again and Willie Nelson has been singing for most of the morning and I share this with you - because you are always on my mind.   Collectively as a group of friends you live in my heart and individually I think of you often and wonder how you are doing.

My trip to the Post Office was lovely this morning - parcels to post and mail to collect and lovely staff to deal with.  The fact that the Post Office is right next to the Bakery makes the visit worthwhile.

It is so important to be in touch with friends and to check on how they are.  I was extremely saddened and brought to tears at the news Police in Sydney found the skeletal remains of a lady in her home and they believe she had been there for eight years.  How could this happen?  Did no one miss her?
Did no one love her or care about her.   Alarm bells should have rung a long long time ago - her bank account was not touched, her utilities had been disconnected and her neighbours had wrongly assumed that she had gone to stay with relatives.  Have we become so self centred that we no longer care?

Please take care of one another and make the phone call, knock on the door if you haven't seen someone for a few days, take time to express the most basic of all human kindness in caring for everyone.  Don't make the assumption that all is right - and even if it is the fact that you cared enough to check is comfort to people.  My neighbours and I do the window blind check each morning so that we both know that the day has started for both of us.

It saddens me that in a world where communication is so easy that people like this lady can be completely forgotten and ignored while the rest of the world goes on with living.

Be thankful for those who care about you, who take the time to call, visit and spend time with you and you also try to be the loving and caring friend who also does these things.

Aging can be difficult and can make a person be difficult - I am trying to age gracefully and graciously and to be thankful for all that I am and all that I have.  Share time with the older people in your life, and let your little children visit them too - I love to see the old people with the young ones - remember they have a common enemy - YOU.

With an attitude of gratitude on this thankful Thursday I offer my sincere thanks for everything in my life and thanks to you for visiting and reading 'The Musings from my Heart."

Love and hugs,


Tiili said...

That was a tragedy and I hope that more of us become more aware of people we haven't seen for a while, A phone call or a question is not too much to ask and involves very little effort.
It could be anybody who has a fall in there home, I pray that this tragedy does some good and may we all be more aware.

Linda J. said...

I too hope that it has not been in vain that more people will step out and check on their neighbours and friends.

Love and hugs,