Friday, July 8, 2011


ULURU (Ayers Rock)
ULURU - John Williamson

Good Morning and welcome to Friday - it is cold and wet and a very feeble sun is trying to shine here in Adelaide.

i received a message from a friend on holiday in the Northern Territory and all it said was "Its raining on the Rock" - apparently this is a spectacular sight and further messages were filled with the wonder of being there and seeing this.

How much of where we live we take for granted and look at with jaded eyes - being on holiday has awoken an awareness of the spectacular beauty of this monolith.

Views at dawn and sunset are spectacular and are portrayed in paintings by Albert Namatjira 

To those on holiday - enjoy it all and stop and really look at the beauty of where you are and for those left at home, find the beauty there - you only need to really look.

The weekend is here again and I didn't have plans until about half an hour ago and now I do for tomorrow at least.  I have a prescription to collect from Flinders and rather than fight the Friday traffic we are going down late tomorrow morning and then on to the beach at Brighton for lunch and maybe a visit to our daughter so see how the home renovations are going.  It sounds good to me and it won't be cold in the car.  I love the beach in winter time and I am looking forward to it.  Parking will be easier at the hospital and it will be delightful just to walk in collect script and walk out again.
Big smile here. 

Whatever plans you have for your weekend I hope it is a happy time for you no matter what you do - perhaps a visit to see family, a friend who is shut in or in hospital, a concert with beautiful music, splashing in puddles, swimming on a hot summer day.
Whatever this July weekend holds for you I wish you the joy of love and friendship and special times.

I thought the day here was improving weather wise, but I am wrong - Adelaide is certainly in the grip of a cold winter.

Thanks for visiting and reading "The Musings from My Heart"  and I hope you step confidently into your future and be present to each moment.

Love and hugs,


Tiili said...

Tomorrow sounds like it has turned into a lovely day out, enjoy

Linda J. said...

I am thinking the same thing too - possibly fish and chips at the beach for lunch - sounds good to me.

thanks for visiting Lynne.

Aletha said...

Oh have a wonderful day, I am going to weed wack around the house and trees that is my Saturday, I will have Dennis home and he can help.