Saturday, July 9, 2011


Happy Birthday Cake

Congratulations and Celebrations - Cliff Richard

Saturday morning in Adelaide and it is Congratulations and Celebrations to a friend today - Congratulations on her birthday - have a wonderful day Lynne.   Celebrations because Lynne learned yesterday her twin grandchildren are growing well and that scan done Friday brought relief all round.

Hoping that the rest of the pregnancy goes well and we soon have two little ones to dote upon.

It is very cold in this fair City this morning - sun trying hard to peep through, but not managing very well at all.   It has been a crisp and clear night which makes for colder temperatures and again we are forecast for rain today.

There is another birthday to celebrate too - Diane in Chicago has a birthday too and loving wishes are heading her way. It is great to acknowledge birthdays and to share the joy.

And yet another birthday for a friend who lives in Darwin and is having much warmer weather than we are down south - have a great day Sally.

If you or someone in your family has a birthday make it a special time, mark the day with the joy of living  Eat cake and light candles - be happy and enjoy your day.

If there is no specific reason for celebrating - find one - find something in your life that brings you joy and celebrate it.   Celebrate who you are and what you believe and make it a special day.

Off for a while out today - picking up medication and then lunch out - should be lots of fun.  I have done the shopping and did think about packing a picnic for lunch - but decided against it (too cold to sit in a park or on the seafront) so it will be lunch out and wonderful whatever and wherever it is. I am taking the camera with me and will try to get some photographs.

Enjoy every moment of this special day - just being alive and well is enough reason to celebrate for me - although we don't need a reason to celebrate life.

Be happy, be safe and be YOU and thank you for stopping by to read "The Musings from My Heart"

Happy Birthday to you - The Chipmonks

Love and hugs,


Tiili said...

First blog news flash and what better place than here: THEY ARE GIRLS

Thank you for your wishes and am singing away to Congratulation again as I type.
Happy Birthday to all who have one today, I do love hearing who I share it with as it makes it more special

Linda J. said...

How very special to have it announced here and I am truly delighted to hear the news that two baby girls are coming to live with your family.

I will follow the progress of the pregnancy with huge interest and excitement.,

Love and hugs,

Aletha said...

Oh how nice the cake looks so yummy love the blog have a great day