Saturday, July 16, 2011


Sarah McLaughlin and Josh Groban - In the Arms of an Angel.

Welcome to a winter Saturday and the start of another weekend.  Normal routine grocery shopping for me and a trip to a large Shopping Centre to collect some jewellery tools that I have chased all over town for.  Lovely young man named Carl is holding them for me and I will be in and out very quickly.

I am not a fan of the large shopping complexes so tend not to visit unless I have to and this is one of those have to times.

Hope the weather is kind wherever you are in our world and that you can do all the fun weekend things you have planned.  Stay warm/stay cool and enjoy whatever is on your agenda.

I have a friend moving house Friday/Saturday and I hope the weather is dry for you Michelle and you are soon settled in your new home and can find happiness there.

Moving house/moving furniture is all part of the changes that come to us in our lives and there are lots of times when we don't like or want the changes, but there is nothing we can do but accept them.

If you are making changes in your life I hope they are good changes and bring joy and happiness and if they are changes over which you have no control I wish for you acceptance of the change.

 Whatever the changes in your life I hope you find "some comfort here"                                                                  

"You are pulled from the wreakage
Of your silent reverie
You're in the arms of the angel
May you find some comfort here"

Overnight my sky was filled with a beautiful full moon and there were only white fluffy clouds about'   The moon and the clear sky made for a very crisp morning.  It was beautiful to stand out in the cold and just gaze at the moon.
Moonshadow - Cat Stevens.

Have a wonderful Saturday and I hope that safety and happiness are your companions and I am glad you called by to read "The Musings from My Heart.

Love and hugs,

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