Friday, July 15, 2011


Don't go changing - Billy Joel

Good Morning - welcome to Friday in my little corner of the world.  Cold feet and hands, but hot, sweet coffee is helping me into my morning.

I looked at the words above and felt that they were good statements and that passing them on to you may help you through your day and whatever particular situation is happening in your life.



Important lessons here and I am learning to live life every minute and be present to the moments of my day and to seize the moment/seize the day.  I take the opportunity to say "I love you"   and "how can I help?"   I pay compliments and try to make a difference in some one's day.

"Don't go changing - I love you just the way you are."  People come into our lives for a reason and I value the gifts of friendship and care that they offer and love them just the way they are - not perfect but caring and kind.

There are times in my joy filled says when there is a little gloom, when sad news comes my way, when I am troubled about a situation but in all of these times, I am have gratitude that I am here and can offer a hand of friendship.  Life is so fleeting and when someone leaves us it alters our lives, but we are still left with wonderful memories of times together, laughter and love. How dreadful it would be if we didn't have these memories.

My ordinary day yesterday involved a shopping excursion which wasn't very productive (I did buy a new book to read so that was nice and it was a reduced price.) It was pleasant to go shopping, but we came to the conclusion that all day shopping trips are not for us - two hours was enough. Looking back to two years ago - I could not have managed even ten minutes - how beautiful it is to be able to do it now and not to depend so much on others.

I don't have plans for today - I have tossed around many thoughts during a sleepless night and decided that I will do my grocery shopping tomorrow early and then take the days as they come.Our weather is forecasting rain for the weekend - so that book may come in handy.

What wonderful plans do you have for your weekend?  It may be a quiet one with family at home, maybe a party, celebration, wedding - in all of it I wish you safety and happiness.  It may be time alone for you and I hope you are able to celebrate the solitude and celebrate YOU.

Don't go changing - I love you just the way you are and I am grateful that you called by to read "The Musings from My Heart."

Take care and love and hugs,

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