Sunday, July 3, 2011


Eric Clapton - Tears in Heaven

Good Morning and welcome to sweet Sunday morning - much more pleasant day today than yesterday when the doom and gloom of a wet winter weekend had us in its grip.  Today the sky is brighter and there are patches of blue to be seen,  

I am well and things are going well for me - then why the tears?  Tears are a blessing, a sweet relief and release for us at often difficult times of our lives.  Of course there are the tears of joy and the times when suddenly out of the blue something triggers a memory and the tears fall.

There are tears borne of fear that a hurt is going to raise it's head again and fear that the pain will be just as intense as before, and the tears that come from a misunderstanding. There are tears borne of the longing for something that cannot be - that ache to be with someone who has left our lives and yet lives on in our hearts.

I have had a few days when all of those things have been in the mix and add to that the upset of the falls John and I had, so perhaps a little fragile is the best way to describe my mood right now but I am nurturing myself and allowing the tears to fall in the hope that they will be healing.  

There are tears of gratitude - those feelings that just can't be explained - gratitude for life itself and for those who made it possible for me.

I have so many positive and good things in my life and most times I am able to chase the fears and tears away - but I have had a few days when this has been more difficult than normal.

To those of you who are grieving - let me say this - there is no time limit for grief, no set rules it just takes as long as it takes.  We grieve in many ways and I still grieve for my Father who has been gone eight years and for my Mother who left us 28 years ago and for all that could have been there.  Allow your tears to fall and let them comfort you.

To those who live each day with a "what if" or a "what might have been" try to let it go - we can't change things and go back and undo things, but we sure can make a great future. 
Don't run or play with the "woulda, coulda, shoulda" sisters.

School holidays are either in full swing or about to start in some States of Australia - this is just the two week winter break and I hope that those with children can find things to do with them that will make some memories - cooking, walking, craft work and even just watching a movie together.  Make the time and the memories.

Wishing you all a wonderful future - starting right now - share the exciting things that are happening in your families - new babies, weddings, birthdays and celebrations - store these memories in your heart and they will serve you well 

Have a wonderful Sunday and I wish you warm and sunny days, sunshine and flowers and diamonds in your sky.

Thanks for calling by to read "The Musings from my Heart" - a melancholy heart this morning.

Love and hugs,


Tiili said...

I hope you only have tears of joy in your life.
Sorry to hear the accidents were so upsetting, perhaps that fridge needs to explain itself.

Linda J. said...

"That Fridge" is in exile in the garage covered with a dust cloth and I may have forgiven it when I need it at Christmas time.

Love and hugs and thanks for your concern.