Tuesday, July 26, 2011



Josh Groban and Sarah McLachlan - In the Arms of An Angel.

I am blessed to have been given "that second chance"

Good Morning and welcome to Ruby Tuesday and I hope the warm ruby red glow fills your heart with warmth.

Adelaide is forecast for rain this morning and a sunny afternoon and yes it is still cold and yes I still love it.

I spent a warm and cozy night roaming around my bed and my mind and exploring all sorts of things and trying to right so many wrongs.
I can't fix it all and I can't take the hurt away from so many - all I can do is leave it in the hands of a higher being and know that all will be well.

I can ease a troubled heart by caring, I can offer words of support and comfort and this I do and will go on doing.  I can stand up for justice and truth and make these the foundation on which I build.

I am grasping my second chance at life and offering support and care in the Transplant Community and this brings joy to me.  It also brings guidance and support to me and for that I am grateful.

Blogging for Bella is bringing me joy and I am glad to be able to support this little one and her family.  Reading something Cathy wrote brought to me a much greater understanding of the emotions of being a parent of a special needs child.

Read "Going to Holland"

There are so many sweet things in my life and in the world generally, but the bitter things like illness in a little child, the pain and anguish in Norway and the struggle that is now Japan are just a few.  I am trying to find the balance that brings me peace of mind and trying to be the "the change that I want to see in the world".

"Although the world is full of suffering, it is also full of the overcoming of it." - Helen Keller

I find joy in that and will continue to strive to overcome the suffering in any way that I can.

Wherever you are in this world - I wish you strength for your journey and the courage to endure and work through issues in your life and to see the joy in small things.

Yes life can be bitter/sweet but it is LIFE and it is BEAUTIFUL.

Love and hugs, and thanks for calling by and visiting "The Musings from My Heart"

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