Monday, July 25, 2011


Rod Stewart - These Foolish Things
(be still my beating heart)

Good Morning and it is Monday again and I have woken this morning to another wet day, but the rain is supposed to abate as the day progresses.   It is after all winter in the land of the Southern Cross and we have to expect cold and rain.  We can endure or enjoy - I am choosing to enjoy all the lovely winter things.

Another restless night for me but I did stay in bed and was warm and cosy - listened to the radio and played music.  Sweet music to calm my soul and lull me off to sleep.

"Memory Monday" is here and I can remember Oh so much and could fill pages of wonderful memories.  Funny times, sad times, exciting times and I can hear the laughter ring.  I recall flights, rail trips and those car trips that seemed to last forever.

Every Mother heart has special memories of babies and I have my share of those and then those baby days were gone and in their place were young women striving to change the world.

There are memories of walks on the beach, walks in the rain, splashing in puddles. playing music, a bottle of wine, roses and chocolates.  Yes it has been a restless night for me but a lovely time walking down memory lane with those I love. 

I have remembered those no longer here with us but alive and well in my memory.  I walked with my Father for a while and then recalled those coffee/discussion times when he would stir the cup until it drove me to distraction and I would ask him to stop and he would then tell me that he would then put the sugar in.

The little things stir our memories - a fragrance, a piece of music, a glance, a phrase or a way of walking can transport us back to other times and places and memory is kind.

Find some lovely memories to nurture you today and enjoy reliving them - if there are not so good memories I hope you are able to put them aside and find some peace and calm in nicer times.

I love this piece of music and it is so true that it is "these foolish things" that remind me of so many things.  Spend some time in reflection and I hope it warms your soul.

Memory Monday, music Monday, magical Monday - I hope it is all these things for you and that your heart is calm.

Enjoy whatever weather Mother Nature serves up to you today and   know that the seasons are rolling on - I noticed it a little lighter early this morning which means that spring is not far away for us "Down Under" and despite the heat the Northern Hemisphere is enduring, it will end and autumn will come.

I have started "Blogging for Bella" - Bella is a little girl who needs all the love and support she can get and she touched my heart, and this is something I can do to increase awareness.
Come and follow Bella's journey with me and find joy in the strength of this lovely caring family.

Thank you for visiting and reading the "Musings from My Heart" a remembering heart today and memory is kind.

Love and hugs,


Tiili said...

I think your Dad visited this morning, why else would there have been 2 teaspoons in my cup of coffee! Perhaps it was to drive Mark to distraction and apparently worked he has gone back to bed
I guess he is still checking to see that his girl has the right friends. Hope I passed muster.
Thank him for me please for stopping by

Linda J. said...

Thanks for that lovely comment - I think those little things are important.

The sound of a spoon chinking on a coffee cup always brings my Dad to mind.

Enjoy your day.

Love and hugs,