Sunday, July 24, 2011


Slim Dusty - When the Rain Tumbles down in July.

Good Morning and welcome to Sunday and it is raining again, although I don't think it will be much today. It is cold and a beautiful peaceful morning.   Coffee and sweet music start this beautiful day for me.

I don't have a busy day but there are the usual Sunday chores to be done - and I think that this afternoon is a sewing afternoon for me, and a "gathering" time of the things that I shall need for my special one day class on jewellery making next Saturday.

I have listened to news bulletins this morning and feel sad and happy at the same time.   Sadness for the people of Norway and for the family and fans of Amy Winehouse - such a sad and troubled soul - I hope that she is now at peace.

Celebrations for Australia with the victory in the Tour de France
well done Cadel Evans.

Cadel Evans kisses his mascot

I hope there is something in your life on this Sunday that will bring joy to your heart and that you are able to spend some time in prayer or pensive thought sending care and love to the Norwegian people who are shattered at their loss.

Those living in the Southern Hemisphere stay warm and cosy and  enjoy all the lovely winter foods and all the lovely winter times.
Northern Hemisphere people - splash in pools and stay cool - lots of icy cold drinks and be safe - those very high temperatures can be so dangerous.

May your Sunday be a calm and peaceful one and I hope you can face the coming week with a calm spirit and a clear commitment to making each day count in your life.

My good report at Clinic on Friday has reinforced with me how special life is and how precious is the gift I have been given - the gift of life and I am certainly intent on making each day count.

I send love and hugs, and special care to you all and thank you for calling by to visit and read "The Musings from My Heart.

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