Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Dean Martin - Baby It's Cold Outside.

Welcome to Wednesday morning in my cold little corner of the world. The temperatures have been lower because the sky has been clear and not a lot of cloud cover - and Baby It's cold outside.

I am snug and warm with coffee at hand and was lovely and warm during the night in my snuggly bed.  I am blessed indeed with all the things I have to keep me warm:  warm bed, heating, warm clothes, homemade soups (chicken and sweet corn this time and plans for leek and potato soon) and casseroles and of course hot and sweet coffee.

I have an inner warmth too when I think that on this day 80 weeks ago I received such a special gift of life - 80 weeks my where has the time gone?  I think lots of it has gone in the blur of the initial healing process and hospital stay and the rest gone quickly in the sheer joy of being alive.

I had plans to visit a friend this morning but she has just messaged me that she is off to the Doctor so those plans are put off until another day.  The only thing I have to do is visit the Post Office to collect mail and perhaps a little shopping.

Lots of email to answer so I will be settling for being inside and being warm.   I did prune some roses yesterday and the plants that usually give me such beautiful blooms and such pleasure now stand bare and looking bleak.   Spring will fix that though.  In fact in some parts of our State there are signs of spring already with the almond blossom starting. Hang on - its too soon for change of season I am only just getting used to this one.

Crazy day today - made alternate plans and they have been changed too - so an at home day for me.  An ordinary day - and oh how I love them - there were times when I ached, cried and yearned for them.    Thinking a nice Pub Meal would be nice this evening - cold outside, but warm in the car and inside too.

I hope your day is a good one and that you have an ordinary day in many ways - a day without crisis or calamity.  My phone has been busy this morning and again I am grateful for the wonderful technology that brings the world to my door.

I wish you love and laughter, sunshine and flowers and a diamond studded sky and all the things that bring joy to your heart.

Thanks for dropping by to read "The Musings of My Heart" and for your friendship and support.

Love and hugs,


Diane said...

Love the post and your soup ideas sound great as well.. We are finally getting a cool down 75 today for a high predicted so that means 80.. Have a great day.
Hugs Diane

Linda J. said...

Thank you Diane - hope you enjoy a few cooler days.

Love and hugs,