Wednesday, August 17, 2011


I Believe - The Bachelors

Good Morning and welcome to another wet day and we are going to be inundated with flowers according to this song. It has rained very heaving all night and the ground is squishy and wet underfoot.
For a few fleeting seconds the sun came out and then down came the rain.  

We have been a country that has cried out for rain and seem to have had our prayers answered this year, although the Bureau tell us that the rainfall for July was below average.

I was going to go shopping today, but I am staying home - warm and dry and resting after a few busy days.  It's 85 weeks post transplant for me and marking each week fills me with wonder at all that organ transplant involves.  The campaigns to encourage people to donate, the surgical skills, the medications to prevent rejection and the amazing nursing care involved.

At the Rose Planting Ceremony in February I was tapped on the shoulder by a young lady who told me she had nursed me in ICU post transplant - I did not recognize her but I was glad to be able to say thank you personally.  I was touched that she remembered me.  The people doing the nursing are ordinary human beings with families and problems of their own, yet they so cheerfully and tenderly show care and concern to their patients that I believe they are touched by angels.

I wonder how those roses are going in this cold winter weather, no doubt they have been pruned with care and are ready to bloom again.

I am enjoying this week of no appointments because next week they start again for me - blood tests (won't the girls at The Queen Elizabeth Hospital be thrilled to see me on Tuesday morning?)
and then Friday it is off to a follow up appointment checking blood pressure.

September sees a group of appointments and a hospital stay - blood tests, pre admission clinic and then the ERCP on 20th. September - all part of the routine that is my life post transplant and I go willingly because my life depends on it all and I am thankful for the skills and care that keeps me alive.

Kortni received a donor liver some hours ago and all seems to have gone well with this surgery - Coleman has updated her blog:

Chopped Liver

Surgery didn't take very long and that is cause for thanks and it is a special time to take a moment aside and be thankful for the donor family, who in their time of grief were very generous.

Looking out my front window I can see birds having a wonderful bath in the water I leave for them - obviously the rain doesn't bother them and they are certainly singing in the rain.

85 weeks means well over 18 months of living - I know it was rough in the early days, but with wonderful support I was able to rise to the challenges placed before me and here I am alive and well and chatting away on here at 8.30 in the morning.  I have not yet showered and dressed - oh the bliss of being able to be without a strict regime each morning.

I am blessed indeed - lovely coffee and warmth and windows to the world from which I can see birds, puddles and raindrops rolling down the panes. I am blessed too because I also have the Internet - that in itself is a wonderful window to the world and allows me to share emotions and feelings with others who have walked a similar pathway to me.

Kortni I wish you well - I hope that each day brings you strength and courage - you too are blessed with the support of a wonderful family and the generosity of two donors (Kelly you did more than anyone could ask) and now this donor that has given you life.

I have plans to visit a friend tomorrow and on Saturday I have another beading class - it is wonderful to be well enough to make arrangements.

To those reading this post today I hope you are able to find somethings to make your heart thankful - my heart is like my garden - overflowing.

Have a wonderful day - may the sun shine for you, birds sing for you, flowers bloom for you and may you find peace of mind.

With love and hugs and thanks for visiting "The Musings of My Heart."




Carol Ann said...

Congratulations on reaching 85 weeks. Wishing you many more celebrations. God is so good!

Linda J. said...

Thank you Carol Ann - every day is a milestone and cause for gratitude. xx

Diane said...

OMG I hope this comment goes through. It didnt want to let me in but here I am :) Thanks again for the beautiful share Linda, good luck next week with all your test as we know all about that.. Not from me but my husband..have a great week what is left of it.
Hugs Diane Louise