Thursday, August 18, 2011


Make Your Own Kind of Music - Mama Cass Elliot

It is thankful Thursday and there is a song in my heart just for the pure joy of being alive and able to tell my story.

Music is something which is very important in my life and inspires me when other things fail - it comforts me and often lulls me off to sleep.
I thought of this song this morning and share it with you.

The rain has stopped and the sun is shining despite a very cold wind blowing - it is lovely and the sun cheers me.

On this Thankful Thursday my post today recognized and acknowledges all Donor Families.

In the past week there have been several people I know who have received "the call" for their transplant and who now start a new life thanks to the generosity of a family at a time of extreme grief.

There are families grieving and I am thankful for wonderful Counselors to comfort them and to ease their pain.

There are parents who sit and wait outside operating rooms with their minds in chaos as a much loved child undergoes surgery -  I am thankful again for Counselors who spend time with them and help them cope with the stress.

Medical teams who stand for hours and work under difficult circumstances often and use wonderful skills to bring a second chance at life for their patient.

The Donor and the Recipient - forever they are connected by an invisible bond of love and gratitude and often they don't even know who their donor is - yet they give thanks daily for this unknown "friend" and the gift of life.

I am thankful for the Nursing Staff who work so skillfully and tenderly bringing ease to patient and comfort to the family - they are very special people.

All I know about my Donor is that he was a much loved man who was kind and generous and loved his family and his dog and that he walked his dog daily and chatted to neighbours.  I know that he is very much missed and I am trying to live my life to honour his gift.
I have received two letters from his wife who tells me "he was a joy to be with" and that is a lovely thing to say about someone.

To those who are recipients I am sure you are thankful for your gift of life, to those who are listed as Donors - I am thankful for you and your kindness and for the conversation you have had with your family.

There are Transplant Teams all over the world who work long and difficult hours facilitating transplants, paper work and understanding for the families - I am thankful for them.

Donor Families I salute you - without you there would be no life for so many of us.

I am thankful for so much, but today I want to honour Donor Families and all who work for Organ donation and transplantation.

Promote the cause, encourage others and in all things be thankful, and make your own kind of music.

Love and hugs,


Danielle said...

Wonderful post! I think we all have music in our souls. It is part of what reminds us where we come from (God and Heaven). :)

Linda J. said...

Thank you Danielle I hope the music is playing in your life today.

Love and hugs, Linda