Monday, August 15, 2011


The Carpenters  - Rainy Days and Mondays

Welcome to Monday evening - it has been a busy day today and after two glorious days of Sunshine we are back to rain but this didn't get in the way of plans - when two girls are going shopping nothing much gets in the way.

A wet ride to the mall and then on with the shopping.   It is over 18 months since Gwen has been inside a shop and she noticed so very many changes.   Changes we just take in our stride when we visit the Mall often.   Motor Neuron Disease has taken over her body but her mind it sharp as a tack and she was the one giving directions as to which way to go etc.

We shopped with success and then had lunch - this lovely lady only wanted a bucket of hot chips - something she has been hanging out for and then a lovely coffee. It was a lovely time and we are going to do it again - just for, next time.

I wore red to remember Daniel Morcombe today (see previous post) and came home to lots of mail and updates on friends.

Link to Korni's blog being updated on her behalf.

This is Kortni who received a liver transplant from a live donor last Friday (her sister) - unfortunately it isn't taking well at all and Kortni has been transferred to High Priority to receive a liver from a cadaver.  Hoping that a liver comes through for her very soon.

It has been a day filled with awareness for me - I am aware that I am well enough to shop with a friend but that I must not overdo things.  I am aware of just how difficult it is for her to even just take money from her purse and that for everything she needs she is dependant.  Awareness came to me that some transplants do not work and there is emotion and disappointment to be dealt with.

I deliberately walked through puddles today and shared my umbrella with a stranger and we laughed in the rain.  Our paths may never cross again but for those few short moments we were friends.

Splash in puddles, share your umbrella, hold a door open, pick up something dropped and you will find the pleasure it brings to you and the other person is enormous.

Sending smiles and hugs your way and hoping that your Monday has been/will be a good one and that you can go to bed with a sense of gratitude for all the little things we so often take for granted.

Thanks for visiting the "Musings from My Heart".

Love and hugs,

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Tiili said...

I can just see you running through puddles with your umbrella and a stranger, laughing the whole time.
You do bring sunshine to my day