Monday, August 15, 2011


Good Morning and welcome to my little corner of the world - a day here in Australia when someone will appear before the courts on the charge of Murdering Daniel Morcombe almost eight years ago.

This has been one of the largest cases in Australia.   Daniel at 13 years disappeared from a Bus Stop on his way to do some Christmas shopping in December 2003.

I am joining lots of people today wearing Red for Daniel and it is my hope and prayer that his parents can find some comfort in this support.

Daniel's body is yet to be found and until then his family is not able to rest - my prayers and thoughts are with them in these still uncertain days.

The person facing the court is charged and not yet convicted so we need to remember just how uncertain these days are.

Remember Daniel and his family as today happens for them.
learn more about Daniel at this link

Love and hugs,


Tiili said...

Hoping for the location of his remains so they can put them to rest. No comment on the verdict being handed down but awaiting and hoping for the right one

Linda J. said...

Finding his remains would restore Daniel to some sort of dignity and allow his family some sort of peace. Something you would never get over.