Sunday, August 14, 2011


Rod Stewart - I am Sailing

Good Morning and welcome to a sunny Sunday in Adelaide and there is a breeze which will dry my laundry very well.   It would be a beautiful day out on the water, catching the wind and sailing.

It is a long time since I did this but I remember oh so very well the taste of the sea spray on my lips and the wind in my hair and how special it was to adjust the sails and catch the breeze.

The sailing season doesn't open in South Australia for a few weeks yet and I wonder if there will be any brave sailors out there for just a taste of the summer season to come.

Ships/Boats are safe in harbour but that's not what they are for.  I wonder how you are going with adjusting your sails.  I am learning to adjust mine and the catch what wind I can and to enjoy the peace of sailing through my second chance at life.

Because of my Father and my Grandfather I have always been aware of things nautical and it fascinates me the number of phrases we use in common language that have a nautical origin:

anchor home
clean bill of health
cut and run
hand over fist
know the ropes
loose cannon
no room to swing a cat
pipe down
running before the wind
taking the wind out of his sails
three sheets to the wind
toe the line
touch and go
weigh anchor
wide berth

and that's just a few - there is a full list with explanations at this address:

This interests me on two counts - they are words and phrases and they are nautical.

The ocean is very beautiful and very changeable and many are caught and held captive by her moods and whims - my father was one of them - he loved her with a passion and in a small way understood and rode out her moods.  She was most definitely a Mistress to him.  He shared that love with me and often spent time sharing things nautical with me.

He had a wonderful knowledge of how to make knots and tried to teach me (without much success - hence my failure when I tried to do macrame).  I had a wonderful skipping rope - just rope but with beautifully spliced ends - no mere knot at the end for his daughter.

When he was ill and no longer able to get out and about I provided him with a book and several lengths of rope and he spent hours improving his skills and learning new knots.  The image on the front of this book is one he mastered with pride.

I hope you are sailing from a deep and full harbour, with the wind in your sails and the ability to make adjustments and I wish you fair winds and full sails.

Wherever the winds take you, I hope that there is comfort there and friends to greet you as you journey on and I hope that you are able to weather the storms of life and find a safe harbour.

Take care and thanks for visiting "The Musings from my Heart"

Love and hugs,

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What a beautiful post to start my day!