Saturday, August 6, 2011

Dolly Parton - We'll Sing in the sunshine.

Good Afternoon and welcome to my Saturday - sunshine and rain.
We had heavy rain overnight and now lovely sunshine and yet another forecast of rain into Sunday.

I hope you have sung in the sunshine and I hope you have danced in the rain and that the weekend is bringing joy to you.

This new template seems perfect to me for "musings from my heart" and the colour is of course, just right - pink and pretty

Shopping all done and put away and crosswords all done too - so now I am just sitting here with coffee and you.  I have seen friends, had telephone calls and been invited out to dinner. I have a load of washing in the machine and I should go and put it out in the sunshine in the hope that it will rain before the next lot of showers.

All in all is seems as though I am organized, but that isn't really the case - there is so much I could be doing, should be doing but am not doing. My last couple of nights have been a little rough and not much sleep, so I am tired and heading to bed early tonight.

I love those hours when sleep will not come and I can let my mind wander and plot and plan.  Some of the things never come to fruition but others do and are very pleasing.

Back again and washing hanging and drying in the wind and it seems time for an afternoon siesta for me (although that will probably mess up my sleep tonight) never mind.

I am thankful for ordinary days when i can see extraordinary things in my world and in my life.   Have a wonderful Saturday doing things with friends and family and I wish you love.

Thanks for visiting "The Musings from my Heart" and I hope that you take a little joy away from your visit here.

Love and hugs,

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