Sunday, August 7, 2011


River Torrens in flood
Dolly Parton, Loretta Lynn and Tammy Wynette
The Front Porch Swing

Good Morning and welcome to a very wintry Sunday in my little corner of the world.    The sky is grey/black in parts and yet there are patches of blue.   The sun is trying very hard to peep through and there is rain, rain, rain.

We had some torrential showers over night and I listened from the warmth and comfort of my bed and today the river near my home is rushing and gurgling in it's fury to reach the sea.

It is just another Flinders Park Sunday - a typical winter day when those people we do see are looking pinched and very cold,  Neighbours merely wave and hurry back inside instead of stopping to chat - a lovely day for cooking and enjoying all the winter things - a book by the fire, a DVD with children (don't forget to include some popcorn).  I have two slow cookers on with lovely warming winter food - meat balls and tomato in one and in the other a lovely plump chicken cooking away - the stock will be used for soup and the meat for a chicken curry.

And that's about as domesticated as I am going to be today - I have a load of linen on the clothes line - dripping wet thanks to it's final rinse by Mother Nature. I started the day off with good intentions, but they have gone out of the window as it is now lunch time and nothing much done.   I have been speaking on the phone for quite a while.  I am warm and safe - new ribbed jumper in cream skinny rib under a windcheater ensures my warmth.

There will be very little sitting on the front porch this Sunday - too cold, but I love this song and wanted to include it.

I remember the time when the bloom was on the cotton
When our hearts chased the clouds like the swallows on their wings
Winter cares which we're already few or soon forgotten
Just sittin' on the front porch swing

Oh we sit every Sunday and watched the married ladies
And we dreamed of white dresses and church bells in the spring
And they talked and painted their nails while they let us hold their babies
Sittin' on the front porch swing

Where was I when the time came to join the married ladies
Why did I paint the nail when the finger had no ring
Why do I sit at night and long to hold their baby
Sittin' on the front porch swing

When the mind longs to follow but the memory erases
And the lips form the words that the heart no longer sings
When the leaves in the hollow have been died to match our faces
Sittin' on the front porch swing

Oh we'll dream of the time when the bloom was on the cotton
When our hearts chased the clouds like the swallows on their wings
But the words to the rhyme are the only things forgotten
Sittin' on the front porch swing
Sittin' on the front porch swing

I hope wherever you are that your blessings are many and your troubles are few and that you are able to enjoy the space and time that the weekend brings - if you have to work I hope that you get some time later in the week to relax.   There are many who work at the weekend - nurses, doctors, police, ambulance drivers etc. etc. - all unsung heroes.  People who work in restaurants so that we can dine out - pilots and cabin crew who make it possible for us to fly home or to visit.  Cinema staff working means that we have the opportunity to relax and enjoy - shop assistance so that we can shop at our leisure.   I salute you all.

I have a contented heart today and for that I am thankful - there are always concerns I carry with me, but I am learning to let go of those things I cannot change and to trust more.

Thanks for calling by and reading the Musings from My Heart - take care and may there be sunshine in your shadows.

Love and hugs,


Tiili said...

It is very wet looking there, but cleansing rain is good.
Your washing will love that extra rinse.
Thank you for another piece of music to read by, appropriate as usual
Warm hugs, Lynne

Linda J. said...

It is lovely that you visited - thank you.

Diane said...

Thanks for sharing Linda love your share.. stay warm! it wont be all that long befor the weather will change.
Hugs Diane Louise

Porch Swing Lover said...

It is good that your heart is contented. Letting go and trusting more can make a wonderful difference in life.

Thanks for sharing "The Front Porch Swing" - I had never heard of that one before!