Sunday, August 28, 2011


Brothers Four - Seven Daffodils.

Good Morning - it is late winter but I am sure that Mother Nature has put on her spring gown a little early this year - the daffodils are out, the blossoms are dropping petals and the seasons are rolling on.

This is my favourite time of year - I love all things new and breaking through the cold ground and bringing sunshine and smiles to my days.  These are my favourite flowers too - golden and strong - they stand strong and bend in the wind and don't break.  They are the floral emblem of my beloved Wales and I can recall long stretches of green green hills massed with these beautiful heralds of spring.  The sight of them brings me to tears and when shopping I walked past a florist and the fragrance of the daffodils was wafting on the breeze.

I have spent the morning sitting chatting with a friend who has Motor Neuron and it was a lovely time - great to just sit and chat - no phone calls and no interruptions until she was called to lunch.

I drove past our Football Arena and I think there must be at least half of the State there from the buses parked around the place.
This doesn't interest me - I don't get football.

Spoke to my daughter from Sydney earlier as she headed out to the airport for the flight home.  She has had a busy but productive weekend.

I am going to take my book and go and sit in the sun and read for a while - hoping that the wind is not too cold and that it will be pleasant.

If you have been travelling this weekend I wish you a safe journey home and that you have lovely memories of a special time.

I don't seem to have achieved much this weekend, but it is still a good weekend and I am quite at peace with my life.  Enjoy whatever else you do, spend time with family and friends and I hope there are daffodils or some other special flowers in your life.

Gather strength from the weekend for your journey through the coming week and I thank you for visiting and reading the "musings from my heart."

My thoughts and prayers are with the people on the east coast of the United States and they go through an extreme weather event - I hold you all close and pray for your safety.

Love and hugs

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