Monday, August 29, 2011


John Denver - Today

Good Evening and welcome to my little corner of the world and currently it looks a picture - the Avenues are lined with these beautiful trees and the pink is splendid (planted just for me - I think not) and I hope there are others getting as much pleasure from them as I am.

We have two days left until the official arrival of our Spring and I have meandered through Monday, felt the warmth of the sun, dodged a few showers, picked some flowers for my desk, listened to music and at times have been a little melancholy.  I have chatted with friends who are grieving the loss of friends.  Shared laughter and music with other friends and generally had a lovely day.  I haven't achieved very much but I have had pleasure in my day.   I did a crossword puzzle with a friend and there was laughter  and shared knowledge and tomorrow is looming ahead for me without any specific plans.

I want to check my "Christmas Journal" and document the things I have bought and have a look for other Christmas things I have put away.

I want to do some shopping on line so I am looking forward to a quietly productive day with some sunshine and some laundry drying in the breeze.   Oh how I love Internet shopping - I get to browse through all sorts of things without ever leaving my chair.  It is wonderful - I choose, order, pay and voila - in a little while it is delivered.  It was such a wonderful thing for me while I was so ill because I never had to cope with crowds or driving anywhere.  I must admit I do miss the rustle of paper and the interaction with Sales Staff and people I meet.  But the ease if it far outweighs that.

I am relieved that Hurricane Irene lost some sting - but not before several families were devastated by the loss of loved ones and damage done to homes and businesses.   It was not as bad as they predicted but to those who have loved ones in the throes of cleaning up I send my care and my love.  I am holding close the families who have lost a loved one.  I hope there is someone close to you to help you walk this difficult path.

There are always joys and sorrows in our days and my heart rejoices in the knowledge that two little friends are doing so well following their transplants.   Lottie in Birmingham is blossoming and doing well following her liver transplant and Brook was discharged from hospital after eight days following her heart transplant.

Kortni is home from hospital and like a sponge trying to suck up all the information she can so that she can honour her donor by living a full and happy life.

I am hoping I don't get too sidetracked tomorrow - I have a good book and a comfortable chair - so coffee and some time reading may be on my agenda too.  I am hoping I have not planned too much and end up feeling like I have not achieved.  Oh well there is another day on Wednesday.

In my mail at the Post Office on Friday was a lovely letter from Jo - my oldest and dearest friend who now lives in Canberra and enclosed was a card she had painted of her two beautiful little granddaughters.  She is so talented and the children are delightful and I am so glad she shared it with me.  Her letter was full of her travel adventures to USA to visit her daughter who is loving living there.

I love email but I also love those letters that come to me from the hands of friends.  Last week I also had a long and interesting letter from a cousin in Melbourne.  If you have family or friends who don't have access to the Internet - try to find time to send a letter or card in the mail - I know it will bring joy to their day.  It really is the little things that bring joy.

I had a brief visit from Grace and Henry on Saturday and I swear they have grown two inches.  They keep their Mum and Dad very busy and are delightful children.

It is Ruby Tuesday tomorrow and I hope there are some gems in your day that bring smiles and that there are blossoms and sunshine too and that you can find joy in the little things. 

Take care whatever you are doing and thanks for visiting and reading "The Musings from my Heart."

Love and hugs,

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Tiili said...

Delightful to see spring coming and a Pink start, how perfect,
My day was very hectic with lots to do and off to the Habitat tomorrow to find my Ruby Tuesday and then must get started on my Christmas cards,
All the makings now when the postman calls next.

Love and jugs