Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Ella Fitzgerald - What a Day This Has been
from Brigadoon by Lerner and Lowe.

Good Evening from Adelaide - a little chilly now after a crisp day with some cloud and some  blue sky.

I had such plans for today - the whole day was mine and I intended to go through my Christmas Journal and get "in the mood" and organized - Oh yes "The Best laid plans of mice and men...."

I thought I had a quiet at home sort of day with nothing special planned and that's how it started.  I decided to check out my sequins and beads - and dropped a whole container of sequins which were all colour coded - well that fixed that.   I had no idea how long it was going to take to sort them but I knew it would not be quick.   

Phone call saved me and I went out to the beach for lunch - and for a walk at Henley Beach - on the Jetty - just the two of us on the jetty and a very cold wind.

Some photographs for you:

Blue sky and ocean

Looking back from the Jetty to The Square

Free as the wind

We had fish and chips for lunch and found the only table in the sun - but it was quite cold and one of those free flying Seagulls left a message on my shoulder - yuk.

We took a drive around the suburbs where memories live and found such great changes since our younger days.  We mentioned that this one lived here and this one lived there - it was great to spend some time thinking of old friends.

Home again where I have spent the rest of the day sorting these sequins into colour groups and they are sealed this time - next time I will vacuum them up and just give up.

It has been a good day - quiet and pensive and as I sorted sequins this afternoon I watched the final two episodes of "The West Wing" - I have enjoyed it on my second run through.   Spending winter with C.J., Toby and the Bartlett Administration has been fun.

I hope your day has been uneventful but happy and that you feel you have achieved things - just taking care of yourself is an achievement in a busy world.

Have a wonderful evening or if the sun is coming up for you have a wonderful Ruby Tuesday.

Love and hugs,

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Tiili said...

well, that was a sparkling day for Ruby Tuesday, beads, sparkling water, lovely company. Sorry but it IS good luck for a bird to deposit on you, still giggling