Wednesday, August 31, 2011


John Denver - Farewell Andromeda (Welcome to my Morning.)

Good Morning and welcome to Wednesday morning in my little corner of the world and the sky is blue and the sun shining as I embrace this wonderful Wednesday.  87 weeks ago I received the gift of life and each day is a reinforcement for me of how blessed I am.

I didn't have such a great night's sleep but that's fine - I was comfortable and warm in my bed and listened to radio and music.  Listened to the ABC Radio quiz and felt I did well with the answers - one day I just may ring up and take part, but I am content to just listen and learn.

From listening to overnight radio I have come to realize that there are many people who don't sleep well and that there is a real community out there.

I envy those who go to bed and sleep like a baby - but envy is not a nice trait and my babies didn't sleep that well - so I am content with my lot.   I have been a poor sleeper but have learned recently that the anti rejection medications can cause insomnia.  

I love it when it is just the night and me and night wraps her velvet cape around me as the earth stills and quiets and then as the morning approaches the morning calls of the birds heralds a new day.  A new day with lots of potential to be positive, caring and kind. To take the time to listen to the cares of others and to share their joys too. 

It was lovely at Henley yesterday - groups of people with the same idea of finding some freshness and relaxation on a winter day - we exchanged greetings with several people who became "friends" for just a few moments of the day.

It was Ruby Tuesday and as Lynne pointed out there were lots of gems in my day as I sorted through the beads and sequins I had spilled and then the sunshine on the water. I am happy to report that the sorting is complete and I am very glad it is.

I don't have a busy day - some bills to pay and a cheque to find that should be banked - obviously in a safe place but I am certainly not stressing.   

I have decided I need to buy some outdoor furniture for the warmer  days when I can sit outside and read,  have lunch out there on warmer days or sit and enjoy the cool of a summer evening. I don't want anything high maintenance - just the basics for me.

Today is the last day of winter here in Australia and although Spring has been peeping through early tomorrow it will be official and that means summer is on the way.   I am not a summer girl so the end of winter always comes with a tinge of sadness for me, but I will find days and ways to enjoy our spring and summer time and before we know it - Autumn will be here again.

I am off now to hang washing in the lovely winter sunshine and for it to blow in the breeze we have.  How blessed am I to have a machine for washing, a dishwasher and all the other electrical gadgets that make my life so much easier.

Have a wonderful Wednesday - find a spot in the sun/shade and just breathe the fresh air - have coffee with a friend, cook something nice (share the recipe if you do) but mostly find joy in the little things and something to be thankful for.

Thanks for visiting and reading "The Musings From My Heart" on this wonderful Wednesday.

Love and hugs,

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