Thursday, September 1, 2011


Cherry Pink
and Apple Blossom White

Cherry Pink and Apple Blossom White - Pat Boone

Good Morning from my little corner of the world and I am so glad to be alive this morning to see the official arrival of Spring with blossoms and pollen - Mother Nature has been showing her face for a couple of weeks but now her time has come.

There is a spring in my step as I listen to this song and recall my Father and I dancing around the house to this.  He preferred the version with Eddie Canter playing the trumpet but Pat Boone's fine with me (sorry Dad,)

Daffodils are blooming and I have special creamy white tiny ones on my desk and their fragrance fills the air and on this Thankful Thursday where do I start to say thank you?

The changing of the seasons always is a time for pensive thought, memories and plans for the days ahead.  A time for celebrations, anniversaries, birthdays and for saluting life itself.

So on this Spring morning from my desk to yours I send you love  and joy in the hope that you can find a spring in your step and a song in your heart.   I hope you get to walk somewhere special and view spring flowers, feel a little warmth in the air and enjoy time communing with nature.   For those who suffer hay fever and spring sinus problems - take your anti histamines and try to enjoy anyway.

I have enjoyed and am thankful for a lovely winter - without the winter we could not have spring - but I am looking forward to brighter skies, warmer breezes and living each day.

I am thankful for the perennial way the seasons roll on and the way each change endorses life itself.  I somehow doubt I will celebrate the start of summer as I am not a hot weather person, but the end of summer will find me enjoying cooler days and falling leaves and the damp smell of autumn days.

I know for some of you these are worrying days and I hope that you can count each day as a victory and a step closer to where you need to be and that some of you are grieving - take some comfort from nature and allow yourself to find solace in the love of friends and family.

I have a beautiful "ORDINARY' day in front of me and my thanks today is for ordinary days and the calm of being at home with myself.  My experiences over the past few years have taken me on a journey which, to say the least, has been challenging, but it has brought me "home" - home to where I am comfortable with myself and happy to be so.  I like me and my challenge is to bring some small joy to the lives of others.

I hope reading "The Musings from Your Heart" brings you some joy and the knowledge, that no matter how rough the road, how difficult the days - there is sunshine around the corner and friends who care.  I hope the music I share with you takes you travelling back and enjoying a glimpse of the past.

Enjoy your spring day - or the end of your summer in the Northern Hemisphere and thanks for visiting.

Love and hugs,

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Diane said...

Beautiful Linda, You really do inspire me to do better. I thank you for that.. I know you are out their in cyber space reading and I know you are so well versed. I dont want to sound like a complete idiot :) thanks for being you and thanks for inspiring me to try to sound a little more inteligent,.

Hugs Diane Louise