Friday, September 2, 2011


Everyday Miracles - Sara Grove.

I woke this morning to a busy but beautiful day - the sun was shining, birds singing and as so often happens in Adelaide in Spring time - they was a strong wind blowing.

My appointment went well, traffic was easy and for a little while I watched rowers on the lake enjoying themselves - and now it is the weekend again and for those for whom it will be a break from the daily grind I wish you two full and happy days.

I have caught up with some mail, done some online shopping and generally had a good afternoon and I became aware of this piece I wrote some time ago about Everyday miracles and I share it with you now. 

Everyday Miracles

Everyday miracles ~ a sky of blue
The changing of the seasons,
Walking in the park
Understanding the reasons.

Everyday miracles ~ a smile from your face
A special kind word, the touch of a hand.
Food on my table, a cosy warm bed
Seeing the way things are planned.

Every day miracles ~ a call from a friend,
Just checking to see all is fine,
Love and affection – everyday miracles
These blessings are mine.

Everyday miracles ~ kindness and trust
Tenderness and care,
Encouragement and support
Everyday miracles – so that “I dare.”

Everyday miracles – sunrise and sunset
Soft breezes on cool spring days,
Everyday miracles – watching and seeing
The summer heat haze.

Everyday miracles – laughter and fun
Rest after weariness the wiping of tears,
Someone to share 
The depth of my fears.

Everyday miracles – friends sharing
The journey I take, to hear me when I call,
Everyday miracles 
Lifting me up when I fall.

Every moment should be cherished
For they are surely there,
Those everyday miracles
Around us everywhere.

© Linda J. Vaughan

Thanks for sharing my journey with me and for being part of the everyday miracle of my life.  It amazes me that I can be in touch with so many over the Internet and I value your friendship, your support and your love.

I hope that there are little ordinary miracles around you wherever you go and however you spend your time and I send thanks for reading "The Musings from my Heart.

Love and hugs,

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