Saturday, September 3, 2011


Our State Fair - from State Fair by Rogers and Hammerstein

Hello again from me and my little corner of the world and as you know it is springtime and the weather is typically spring - warm, windy, and forecast rain and sudden drops in temperature, but this first week in September is the time for the Royal Adelaide Show - similar event to our American friend's State Fair.

It is when the Country comes to the City - horses, cattle, sheep, goats, donkeys, pigs, hens, geese, dogs, cats and so many more animals are all transported to The Show Grounds for judging.  Many clever people have been busy all year making things for judging.  There will be cakes, biscuits, puddings, knitted items, sewing, millinery, embroidery etc etc.  We have this chaos for 8 days and it really is a wonderful time.

It is a wonderful time for city children to see the wonders of farm animals and learn so much and to also enjoy the funfair rides and the delights to be tasted around the Showgrounds.

The crowds are thick and parents hold on to children very carefully and there are lots of goodies to eat and beautiful things to see.

There are beautiful displays of flowers, gardens and displays of skill such as the wood chopping.  All of this is crammed into one week and schools usually have a day off for the event.  Lots of families leave home early and make it a full day, staying for the firework display at the end of each day.  Some carry picnic food and others choose to buy food there, but there are coats to carry for the cool evening watching the fireworks and it becomes a very long and tiring day.   

I shan't be going this year, but in past years I have spent many days sitting in the Grand Stand watching the Horses in action and loving it.  I have also enjoyed the dog judging and being there when friends competed.

If you are off to the Show I hope it is wonderful for you and that you come home tired, but happy.  It is Father's Day in Australia tomorrow and lots of Dads will be taken to the Show.

I hope whatever you are doing this weekend brings you joy - outing such as the Show, a family lunch, morning tea, or picnic - may there be joy all around you and may you hear and delight in the laughter of children.

The Royal Show for me is just a memory, but there is a little piece of me that would love to be packing a picnic lunch and heading off for a day in the Grand Stand watching the Showjumping.

Celebrate our farming heritage and celebrate life.

Love and hugs and thanks for visiting the "Musings from My Heart."


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