Sunday, September 4, 2011


Roger Whittaker - Dirty old Town

Good Morning and welcome to Sunday in my little corner of the world - the sun is shining and the day is fine.  It is a busy day today because today is Father's Day - lots of people visiting families and celebrating.   Others off to the football and others just having gentle days at home.

I had dinner with friends last night and it was lovely to spend a time with friends and to share the joy of friendship and I had a much better night's sleep than I have had for a while, but was troubled a bit with dreams.

Father's Day is special in my heart and I have paid tribute to the wonderful man who is Father of my two daughters on my Pages of Avalon Blog.

The Piece of Music I have chosen today is a piece much loved by my own Father - one we sang together often.  I can recall the sirens from the Docks and him telling me of seeing a train "set the night on fire".  I was the only child of my Father and while he didn't stint on discipline I was indulged in may ways.

He often did not agree with my views, but loved the fact that I had the opportunity to share them.

He left me with a heritage of an interest in Politics, world affairs, discussion, debate, poetry and music and I very rarely called him Dad - his middle name was Edward and I called him Edward and I became and still am "Edward's Girl". 

So on this Father's Day - I acknowledge the love and care he gave to me, miss him and honour his memory by saying:

Happy Father's Day Edward and share a piece I wrote for him.


Memory is often kind
And my heart remembers  well
The little things you said and did,
The funny tales you’d tell.

There are so many things
Which bring you close to mind ~
A song you used to sing
And something that I find.

The quiet space, the silence,
That empty lonely chair
All these things remind me
That your are no longer here.

A piece of music oft remembered
Which stirs the heart when heard,
I just hope you really knew
How very much I cared.

I knew that I would miss you ~
Your proud and stubborn ways,
Your arguments and banter
Brought interest to my days.

I miss you very often
When life gets in a whirl
But I am very pleased indeed
That I was Edward’s girl.

© Linda J. Vaughan
October 3rd. 2003

Love and hugs,

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