Thursday, August 4, 2011

THANKFUL THURSDAY - have you ever seen the rain?

Have you ever seen the rain - Rod Stewart

Good Morning and if you want to see rain - come visit me this morning - we have lots of it.   Grey sky and no sign of the sun, steady soaking rains.   It is beautiful - there is a silver bead curtain of raindrops running down my window.

I am safe and warm (drinking coffee and writing to you) - lovely coffee mug this morning with masses of bright and beautiful yellow daffodils) a promise of spring.

There is so much to be thankful for in every aspect of my life.

Today I am particularly aware of my senses:

Sight - the visions of splendour to behold me in my home, my suburb, my city and my country. The smile on a loved ones face. A painting from a five year old.  A beautifully decorated and lit Christmas tree.

Hearing - raindrops on my window and roof, sweet and beautiful music, Christmas carols, a telephone ringing, the voice of a loved one.  A deep and beautiful male voice (be still my heart!)

Smell - those beautiful perfumes I love, freshly brewed coffee, a newly mowed lawn, baking bread, Christmas smells from my kitchen, winter soups and stews.

Taste - the bitter salty taste of olives, beautiful creamy cheeses, chocolate, fresh fruit (particularly peaches and cherries), nuts, avocado, salads and vegetables.

Touch - all the things that I can do because of touch - fingers on the keyboard, doing up buttons, holding a hand, soothing a fevered brow, and arms to hug someone.

I write this morning with a very thankful heart for many people who put into practice skills learned over many years - surgeons who stand for long hours and restore healing to people.  Nurses whose work through the nights to bring comfort, friends who constantly just love us for who we are.   

The rain has eased a little and the sun is trying to break through and this brings to me the hope for good days.

I look in the mirror and wonder where the girl has gone - the long, dark hair is now short and "coloured", there are marks on my skin.  My peaches and cream complexion bears the scars of many battles, but scars and marks are badges of victory won in the fight for life.

Wishing and praying for children who suffer so very much and yet maintain the dignity that lots of adults lose - Little Kenzie who is in surgery as I write, Riley who was prepped for a transplant yesterday but the organs were not viable (third time for this child) and Big McKenzie who constantly battles to avoid infection following a bone marrow transplant.  Bella whose family are waiting for the results of tests to define what her condition is. 

Little Emily-Rose the delight and joy of her family and who is so precious.  Twin granddaughters yet to be born to a family who will welcome them with open arms and loads of love and care, and Logan who just wants a puppy not twin sisters. 

And my real life two little ones Grace and Henry - you are precious to me beyond words.

I seem to be like the Pied Piper with the children in my life and I love it.  They are precious and are the hope for the future, and I hold them all very close.

Enjoy your day - take a few moments out to send some healing energy to these children and some comforting thoughts to their families.  For the healthy ones - give thanks and for those whose path is uncertain, the reassurance that you are there to support them.

I am thankful too for your visits and the support you give to me - I love your constancy.  Love me when I am unlovable - because that's when I need you most.

Love and hugs,

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