Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Judy Garland - Follow the Yellow Brick Road.

Good afternoon and welcome to Ruby Tuesday - red shoes and yellow roads.   

Sunshine and beauty here in Adelaide - clear sky, few clouds and a gentle breeze.  It really is a very nice day for me with lots of phone calls and good company.

I am following my yellow brick road and finding joys along the way - my yellow brick road means taking the journey slowly, following the rules and staying well while all the time giving thanks for every breath I take.

What's your Yellow Brick Road like ?  Is it a smooth journey, do you have company or are there snags and snares along the way for you.  We each have a "Yellow Brick Road" that only we can walk and I find the things that help me on my way are love, hope, laughter and faith, friendship and family.

There are times when it has been a rough road and times when the going seems easy and gentle.   Yesterday was a little rough, but today it is an easier path.  I was over tired and out of step with life yesterday, but today there is sunshine on my path and flowers along my way.  I try not the worry about the future (and the nice thing about the future is that we only get it a day at a time.)

Have enrolled in another Beading class and this uses bigger beads so think that will be easier for me and not so tiring and heavy on my eyes.  That comes up on Saturday 20th. August so I have a bit of time to get things together that will make it easier for me.

I am hoping that when I learn some skills I will be able to make pieces at home and find it relaxing during hot summer days when I am inside with the air conditioning running.

We have an evening with Rebecca and Nick tonight - just a catch up and I shall enjoy that - (I have lots of recipes books which are going her way which will tidy up a few loose ends for me.)   It's a pizza dinner so John and I will collect that on the way - no cooking, no dishes and hopefully some left over for lunch tomorrow.

So I shall continue on my yellow brick road and wish you a great afternoon or a peaceful sleep - wherever you are in this world and I am "off to see the wizard, the wonderful wizard of Oz", putting on my red shoes and hoping to find some more joy along side my Yellow Brick Road,

Thanks for taking a detour and visiting and reading "The Musings from My Heart:"  I do appreciate your visits and hope they bring a smile to your day.

Love and hugs,


Tiili said...

I do like being on my yellow brick road, sometimes the turns are hard to see around, but that is half the adventure.
Have fun with bigger beads!

Pam Traskos said...

Hi Linda,
I find myself on this yellow brick road many times, the older I become I realize the beautiful element of my salvation is it's simplicity. It took me years to realize that I already had what I was looking for; my Savior! I love simple, everyday pleasures, don't you? I love beginning my days with my hazelnut coffee in hand while walking around our property. We're on ten acres and there is always a new sighting, today's was a fox! Enjoy your beading!
Sweet blessings my friend!