Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Gene Kelly - Singing in the Rain

Good morning and it won't take much for you to guess that it is a rainy day again - yep it is raining and guess who did their washing and now struggles to get it all dry.  Yes - me - but it is part of winter and I love it.

It is a walking in the rain type of day - grey sky and a constant, steady rain just falling down - no wind, so walking with an umbrella will be lovely.

Today I reach the miraculous, marvelous milestone of 84 weeks and I am constantly and totally in awe of the skills and technology that have given me this gift of life.

Flinders doctors, surgeons, nurses - I salute you - you have all had part in bringing me to where I am today.

It is just another ordinary day - and my how I love ordinary days. Some cooking planned for later in the day - roast lamb for dinner tonight and a bowl of homemade soup for lunch.  Lovely winter comfort foods.

I hope that wherever you are you have foods you like and enjoy - if it is hot where you are I wish for you cold and crisp salads and icy cold drinks, but for us "Down Under" I hope there is a nice casserole, a curry, soup and of course a lovely hot chocolate to drink.

I have another beading class coming up and have been shown some on line sites by a friend (Thank you Narelle) and they are like Aladdin's Cave - so much that can be ordered right here from my own desk.  I love on line shopping - it was great for me when I was so ill - I would order gifts and they would be wrapped and delivered and all I had to do was pay the bill when it came in.

Some good news for my friend Ilona who has had some heart tests done and has been advised that it is nothing serious and how to deal with it. A much relieved friend there. 

I have a friend arriving (heard the gate go) and we will do some crossword puzzles and discuss and debate world issues and this dear sweet friend will tease and irritate me - but can't help loving him.  He is kind and generous and very good to me.

Crosby is back in hospital for an overnight stay and liver biopsy because his blood numbers are up again - holding him close and praying for a good result.

Until next time - I hope that you have a smile for your umbrella on a rainy rainy day or if the sun is shining for you - please enjoy it .

Thanks for visiting the "Musings from My Heart" and I wish you love and laughter.

Love and hugs,

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