Friday, September 30, 2011


Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head - John Farnham

Good afternoon from Adelaide - where it has been WILD, WET and WINDY - about seven this morning we had a torrential downpour and the roads and gardens were flooded - it seemed as though it would never stop - but it did - the water went away and for the most part it has been a pleasant day, with just a few showers.

The rain altered my plans for an early visit to the Supermarket for groceries but that didn't matter as they shops were not very busy today.  I met several lovely people and a lovely young man who was weighing out the cold meats and with whom I had a lovely conversation about organ donation - no idea how that came up, but it did and it was a wonderful opportunity.   He was just so keen to learn all he could about it - so it really was a good job that they were not busy.    Another nice interlude with a very tall young man who reached to a high shelf and got something for me.

I guess most of you know how it is when they pack your bag at the checkout - how the milk gets put on top of fresh bread and eggs under heavy groceries - today my Groceries were packed by a lovely young lady who did an amazing job.  Neat and packed in groups.   Boxes altogether and light things on top.  Frozen/cold things altogether and soaps and detergents separate from foodstuffs.   Well done Georgia -I have honestly never had my groceries packed as well as you did them this morning.  It is one thing to do a job, but a very different thing to do a job well - I have emailed the store thanking them and congratulating her.

It is cold here and I have the slow cooker on with Cauliflower and Leek soup in it for tomorrows lunch and I have been busy making Zucchini Slices (one with and one without bacon).  Lunch is shaping up to be rather special with little pies and sausage rolls, some cabanosi and cheese, prawns, and a beautiful spinach dip in a cob loaf. Little cup cakes and some chocolate for during the afternoon.  There are lots of nibbles such as chips etc. and a prize for the person who picks the winner of the game and the number of points they win by.   It will be fun and I can curl up in a corner with my book - they can enjoy the football and I shall just be happy to be together.

We have a public holiday in parts of Australia today which means that as I would normally have my bloods done on a Monday, I shall have to have them done earlier - so off tomorrow to try another collection centre as the one I normally use is closed on Saturdays.  

An early night is on the agenda for me as I have had a busy day and an early start tomorrow - I am so glad to be able to do my own shopping and to cook as and when I wish.  

I now must go and clean up the kitchen and do the dishes I have collected with my cooking - I don't like doing dishes but that reminds me of the saying that my Mother had in her Kitchen.....

"Thank God for dirty dishes
They have a tale to tell,
While other folks go hungry
We're eating very well."

Enjoy your Friday no matter what the weather is doing for you - smile, splash in puddles, walk in the sunshine, find joy in the little things and I am thankful to have you visit and read "the Musings from my heart."

Love and hugs,

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