Thursday, September 29, 2011


Muppet Christmas Carol - A Thankful Heart
Michael Caine.

I know we are still weeks away from Christmas - but I see signs in my shops that Christmas is on the way and I love this song and of course the beautiful Muppet's are timeless.   I hope you enjoy With a Thankful Heart and that you watch the film clip - it will bring a smile I am sure of that.

Thankful Thursday comes around very quickly and I have so much to be thankful for that my list could go on and on - firstly I am thankful for shelter from the storms - both real life and the troubles that beset me.   We have had very strong winds and torrential rain here in Adelaide and I thankful they are over and we are just left with gusty wind, no rain and glorious sunshine.   My sky is beautiful blue and patterned with soft white fluffy clouds.

Laughter gives me cause for thanks - I have had some lovely funny times with friends and we have all laughed long and hard and I am sure it does me good.   I am grateful for a much better night's sleep last night even though the storm was raging and bothering me a little.   I don't mind the rain but the wind unnerves me.

I shall list some other things that I am thankful for:

  1. Kindness of friends
  2. Help when I need it
  3. Phone calls from family
  4. A letter (real mail) snail mail from my cousin - including all sorts of newspaper clippings of interest.
  5. A new magazine arrived in the mail.
  6. A new book that I am having trouble putting down.
  7.  Sweet music 
  8. A lovely green and fast growing lawn (too soon will come the brown grass of summer)
  9. Lovely nourishing cream safe to use on my skin
  10. My warm and comfortable bed.
I could go on for much longer - what about you ?  Can you list things to be thankful for ?  I hope there are many things in your life that bring warmth and gratitude to your heart.  Little things, big things - it doesn't matter - go looking for them and you will find that they are there.

I spoke to my younger daughter on the phone - she has been out of office on the Streets of Adelaide campaigning for another Amnesty Cause and I believe it went quite well.  How I admire her tenacity and confidence - I am proud of her and thankful that she is part of my life.

I received an Avon order this morning - two lipsticks and a few other goodies - I love having the choice to buy at home and have it delivered to my door.   I really do miss Christina not being an Avon Rep. anymore.   Now to find time to go through the next catalog and place another order.  I had a lot of mail in my home letterbox this morning and nothing at the Post Office - it is different on each day.   I love mail in any form, letters, parcels, advertising material and of course email.

I have done crossword puzzles today and spent time challenging my mind - an activity I truly love ~  I love the challenge of the words and changing my thinking into such a way that I can interpret cryptic clues.

Football celebrations at the weekend means some cooking for me - zucchini and bacon slice and a similar slice (vegetarian style) and possibly some dips and the way the weather is feeling - maybe a big pot of soup and some chunky bread.  I don't follow the football but I celebrating life with my family around me.

I don't support either team playing but don't have much to wear in blue - so I am thinking I will wear black and white and be a Collingwood supporter for the day (Come on the Pies (Magpies).  Depends on the weather and the forecast is saying that it will be cold so that will intimately make the decision for me.

I have lots of reading to do, bills to pay, sewing to do, beading to do - such a busy life is mine.

Had a lovely dinner out last night at a Hotel some distance from here and my meal was lovely - Beef and Reef - which was a lovely steak with prawns and calamari in a creamy garlic sauce - too much for me.   I did enjoy the accompanying cabbage cooked with bacon - yummy indeed.  Good food, good company and no dishes - my type of evening.

Not much else to share with you today my friends - just "The Musings from a very thankful heart" - thanks for visiting.

Please visit my Pages of Avalon Blog and check the new format and let me know what you think - I am considering applying that format to this blog.

Love and hugs,

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