Wednesday, September 28, 2011


(With apologies)

Bill Joel - In the Middle of the Night (River of Dreams

Good Morning - or Goodnight - it will be almost morning by the time I get this posted - a very sleepless night for me but a productive night - got lots of things caught up and enjoyed lovely music and some radio.  I can hear the birds starting to wake and begin their morning chorus and we have had heavy rain overnight.

Not quite sure what the weather will be like today - haven't checked the Bureau of Meteorology site yet - but I will and anyway - whatever will be will be.

Celebrate 91 weeks with me - I am amazed that the time has gone so quickly -21 months and I can't believe that I am heading towards a two year anniversary.  My memory is very clear and it seems like only a few weeks ago that the biggest drama of my life was taking place.  I admit that some of it is a blur but I most certainly do have memories of dramatic times.  A few sleepless nights doesn't do me any harm - gives me time to ponder at the wonderful life I have.

I am getting my car out this morning and driving to the shops - I recall very well how difficult it was to drive, to shops and to ask for help.  I think the biggest lesson I had to learn was that it was okay to ask for help and to graciously accept the time and kindness offered to me.  I call it independence my daughter calls it stubbornness.

The sky is becoming light and soon I will experience another sunrise - the start of another beautiful day - and for that I offer my sincere thanks - another good  to be alive day - each day is.

I have been going through my writing overnight and found a piece I wrote in 2001 when I was also sleepless in Adelaide.  - I will post that on my Pages of Avalon blog - take a look and enjoy.

Sleepless in Adelaide

Reading this again reminds me that being sleepless has been an issue for me for a very long time - but it certainly isn't getting any better.  I do have some good nights and this isn't a whinge or moan it is just a statement of how life is for me.    The nights can be very long, but I love the times when it is just the night and me.

I shall go and get showered and dressed and make my way into a beautiful morning and wish you a beautiful day filled with awareness of all things lovely and all things to be thankful for.

Love and hugs and thank you for visiting and reading the Musings of My nighttime heart.


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